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Relationship Counselling | For only $49

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  • Relationships are often the cornerstones of our lives.  Something that impacts everything else: our work, our families and our sense of wellbeing. That’s why unhappy relationships can cause so much pain and sadness, making us feel bereft, alone, betrayed or angry.

    "Being that OCA is a completely online campus, I looked for every reason not to do my course through them. I looked at every AAA professional provider and the people teaching the courses. In the end, of all the providers, I went with the one I least expected to. The service is beyond what any big brand campus gives you, and everything is set out so well. Huge ups to OCA for completely turning me around! I would recommend studying through OCA to anyone who wants a real advantage. Thank you!" - Jaqui

    One of the most common forms of relationship counselling is 'couples counselling'.

    'Couples Counselling' can help a couple to:

    • understand the relationship they currently share and how they feel about each other
    • rediscover why they were attracted in the first place
    • find out what they want from their relationship and from each other
    • consider how both parties contribute to the current relationship
    • identify what they are prepared to do to make the relationship work.

    Counsellors don't make judgements on who is right or wrong; they don't tell clients what to do; and they don't try to persuade people to stay together or to separate.

    If you want to learn more about managing your personal relationships or if you are in the counselling industry and you want to brush up on your relationship counselling advice, then this is the course for you.

    Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an OCA Certificate of Achievement in Relationship Counselling.
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    Sample video and extract from our Relationship Counselling course.

    Referral Guidelines for Family Relationship Centres and the Family Relationship Advice Line
    Family Relationship Centres and the Family Relationship Advice Line are front doors to services that can assist families at all stages of their relationships.  They help families with relationship issues by providing appropriate information and referral, and also help separating families to achieve workable parenting arrangements (outside the court system) through information, support, referral, advice and, in the case of Centres, provision of dispute resolution services. In doing this they are required to deliver high-quality, timely, safe and ethical services.

    Effective referral practices are therefore critical to the operations of Centres and the Advice Line.

    The following guidelines are provided to assist Centres and the Advice Line to develop the best possible referral practices.  The guidelines are built on research conducted for the Attorney-General's Department by the Institute of Child Protection Studies on screening and assessment, as well as a series of referral workshops conducted by the Department.

    The relationship with the client
    Note: ‘Client’ in this context includes telephone callers.

    Effective referral starts with the skills and attitudes of staff, including empathy and respect for the client, a non-judgemental attitude and sensitivity to cultural needs. 

    Staff should acknowledge and address the client’s most pressing needs and concerns and explain the reasons why a particular referral has been made. Safety issues need to be identified and addressed and referrals should not compromise client safety. 

    Staff should avoid a ‘processing’ attitude in which the referral is seen as merely directing people through an impersonal system.  First impressions matter in this regard, especially the manner of Information Officers and other first point of contact staff. 

    Distressed clients

    Referral needs to take account the level of distress experienced by the client.  For example, it may be necessary to settle distressed clients before referring them on to other services. Information Officers on the Advice Line should always try and transfer distressed callers to a Parenting Adviser. 

    Client choice

    Where more than one service may assist clients, it is appropriate to provide them with information about the range of services available and to let them make up their own minds about which particular service or services they want to use.  In doing so, staff may need to provide some guidance on any special conditions for using a service.  For example, many services would not be available to low income or special needs clients.  It is important to refer clients to the most appropriate service at the right time and avoid a ‘merry-go-round’ of referrals.

    If you would like to preview this Relationship Counselling course in more detail, click on DEMO above or call our team on 1300 611 404. You may also be interested in this similar course - click here.


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