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It’s nice to think that marriage is something that involves years of wedded bliss without a single bump in the road, but as counselling courses show us, all couples have issues from time to time. And when they do, they often turn to marriage counselling to overcome the problem. The question is - does it work? What does the success rate actually look like?

Seeing a marriage counsellor has become something of a cliche over the years, but is it fair? Should people be looking at the therapy with more positivity? Shortly, we’ll cover how online training can give you the knowledge and skills required to enjoy a long and rewarding career counselling couples. Let's first look at what statistics show us about the efficacy of marriage counselling.

What Do The Marriage Statistics Show Us?

Marriage counselling is one of the most difficult types of therapy for a professional to provide. Even experienced therapists can find marriage guidance tricky, particularly at the outset, and relationship dynamics have changed so much over the last 50 years or so. 

So, what do the stats show us? Well, around 70% of couples in the modern era have success with marriage counselling, compared with the 50% success rate the therapy had during the 1980s. With around 50% of all married couples in Australia going to counselling of this type, that equates to a lot of happy, balanced relationships.

The Counselling Landscape Has Changed Much

There are many reasons for anyone wanting a career change to consider becoming a professional counsellor. Still, one of the most compelling is the variety that now exists compared to how things were as little as 30-40 years ago. Where once only married, heterosexual couples would go for this kind of therapy, there's now much more diversity involved.

The LGBTQ community now enjoys the full rights they deserve in who they marry, greatly increasing the number of those seeking marriage counselling. What’s more, the single traditional relationship dynamic has now been replaced by many, making it an incredibly interesting field.

Enjoy A New Career With Counselling Courses From Online Courses Australia

So, as we can see, marriage counselling works, and it’s more effective now than it used to be. Societal changes over the last few generations have made the counselling field more diverse and interesting than ever. The good news is that counselling courses like our entry-level, Micro-Credential, Introduction To Relationship Counselling course represent the key to anyone wanting to join the profession.

This course is just like all of the online training we offer at OCA in that it's video-based, modular, CPD-approved and created in conjunction with leading industry experts. So if you'd like to know more about this, visit us today at, where you'll also find details of our flexible payment options.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to chat with us before enrolling on one of our counselling courses or any training we provide covering 20+ sectors, simply call us at 1300 611 404. Our advisors are ready and waiting to give you the answers you need. 

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