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If you’re interested in a career that involves helping people, then at some point, you’re likely to consider two of the main fields that deal with it; psychology and counselling. There are many reasons to consider becoming a counsellor or, indeed a psychologist, and while they are related, they represent very different career paths. 

There are some very clear and distinct differences between the two disciplines, and in this blog, we’ll be looking at them both more closely. By reading to the end, you’ll know whether you’re better placed to invest your hard-earned money in psychology or counselling courses.

So, What’s a Psychologist & What Do They Do?

Essentially, psychologists are involved with the science of the human mind, training in how they feel, learn, think and behave. Mainly operating within a therapeutic setting, psychologists work to assess the circumstances and concerns in a person’s life. Often also medically trained, they provide assistance with issues of the mind like anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, to name but three.

While counselling courses cover similar topics, psychology tends to be more in-depth and related to mental health issues in an overall medical framework. Working with mental health professionals, psychologists will have much more input in matters like medication and treatment like cognitive behavioural therapy. 

So, What’s a Counsellor & What Do They Do?

Ok, so now to counsellors, whose approach is much more people-centred and much less focused on safeguarding issues. In this role, you’ll be looking at how to coach those you’re helping to solve their own problems. They’re much less centred on the person as a patient and much more on helping them to achieve their goals. 

Counselling courses will equip you with the skills for a job that doesn’t go into assessments and reports on the client’s mental health. The position is one that involves helping people with moderate mental health issues, and the places you might ply your trade include schools, workplaces and private practices. It’s much less scientific but still exceptionally rewarding.

Getting the Skills You Need Online- The Flexible Way

Clearly, the two fields are incredibly interesting but very different from each other. If, after reading this blog, you feel that counselling is the path for you, then the great news is that getting the qualifications you need couldn’t be easier, thanks to the high-quality counselling courses we offer at OCA. A great example of this is our Counselling Course Bundle which gives you three courses in one, representing awesome value.

Able to be taken at your own pace and paid for via our flexible payment options, our CPD-approved video-based courses are delivered in easy-to-digest modules that make learning an enjoyable and engaging experience. If you’d like to know more about this or any of our training options, you can do so by visiting us today at 

Alternatively, if you want to talk to us directly about your training needs, give us a call today at 1300 611 404, and we’ll be more than happy to assist in any way we’re able to.

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