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There is perhaps no more interesting and rewarding job out there than that of the counsellor, as your main role is to help people overcome the stress and strains of daily life. After completing the necessary counselling courses, you’ll be in a profession that provides a great deal of variety and job satisfaction - particularly when one of your clients gets a positive result from your sessions. 

Understandably, it’s a very popular career with Australians, so if like many, you’re considering it, you’ll need to ask yourself, whether you’re suited to it. To help you along the road, we now look at exactly what’s required to become good at the job. Counselling courses will take you so far, but the rest, you’ll have to do yourself. 

A Great, Active Listener

It goes without saying that counsellors need to be good listeners, but did you know that it’s not as easy as just sitting back and letting them talk. Key to this particular role is something called active listening, which means giving those who visit you their full attention. 

You have to make the person feel important, supported and above all that you recognise what they’re going through - something you can’t do if you’re not completely focused on what they’re saying. 

Listening Without Judgement 

Another skill you’ll need to put to good use after passing your counselling courses is the ability to listen without being judgemental. It really isn’t your job to pass judgement on your client, rather you will need to talk to them from an impartial standpoint, without criticism. Fail to do this and your clients will almost certainly not be comfortable enough to express their feelings. 

A Patient & Understanding Nature

During your counselling sessions, you’ll encounter all kinds of people, some of whom might not go along with the advice you provide. It can be very demanding on you at times, so it’s important that you never lose your cool. Remaining calm is something that you’ll certainly have to master, regardless of how each session goes. 

A Genuine Interest In Helping Others

Maybe the most important trait anyone can have when it comes to counselling work is a genuine interest in helping people overcome their problems. Counselling courses are a great way for anyone to get into the field, however, those who will get the most out of them are people with a passion for the job. It’s what keeps a spring in your step every time you go to work.

Want to Get Your Career Started? Start it With OCA

So, if after reading our blog, you feel that it’s a career that might suit you and your ambitions, we’re here to tell you that training for the role is now easier, more affordable and flexible than ever before. Our Counselling Course Bundle, for example, is like all of our online training in that it’s CPD-approved, created with the help of top industry experts and able to be paid for easy-to-manage instalments.

If you’d like to know more about this or any of our video-based counselling courses, you can do so by simply visiting us at However, should you wish to speak to us about your training needs, all you need to do is give us a call on 1300 611 404 today. 

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