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There’s no getting around the fact that a career change can be daunting. It typically involves moving out of your comfort zone to try something completely new and it can be even more worrying wondering how you’re going to be received by potential employers in your new industry.

The good news for anyone making this step is that far from being viewed with suspicion, employers are actually looking for the kind of attitude and experience that career changers have. That’s what we look at here, as well as how online training with OCA can give you the skills your professional switch requires.

Is It Easy To Change Careers? 

Actually, it’s easier than it’s ever been, thanks to the availability of tafe online courses and other flexible reskilling resources. Averagely speaking, one in three Australians are looking to change jobs for a whole host of reasons, so whatever reasons you have, you’re not on your own!

All you have to keep in mind is that you can successfully follow your passion, as many are doing so every year, so it’s not that unusual to switch at any point in your life.

What is the Best Age to Change Careers? 

How long is a piece of string? In all seriousness, in the professional world, age has just become a number, so the more important question you should ask yourself is why do you want to change?

There’s no age that precludes you from switching, but obviously, other factors like children come into play later in life, so it really is your call. But being older is no longer a barrier like it perhaps once was.

Employer Considerations for Career Changers 

Make no mistake, employers look for the kinds of skills that more mature candidates offer like leadership, experience and expertise. But what they’re also looking for is whether you’re realistic about what things will be like when you first switch industries.

The chances are, that you’ll get paid less than you do now and might have to start in a junior/entry position. Employers will need to know you understand that’s typically how things work. 

Career Change  Professionals Offer Value

All the short courses taken and experience gained from your current role is worth something, with many employers understanding the value of a different perspective. 

If you’ve got strong soft skills (e.g. communication, problem-solving, teamwork etc) backed by experience, then you’re going to be well equipped to progress - and employers know that.

Career Changers Often Come With Passion

One of the most popular reasons for a career change is to follow your passion, be it for animal care, physical fitness or even business management.

If you’re aiming for a dream position, then your passion is going to stand out as a major plus point for employers - as you’re going to bring that energy to the role. Again, employers lookout for it.

Supercharge Your Career Switch With Online Training  

So, as we can see, any time is a good time for a career change, so long as it’s for the right reasons and when framed correctly, the experience you have as a more mature professional will absolutely stand you in good stead. What’s more, you can further boost your employability with CPD-approved online training from OCA that covers more than 20 different industries.

Able to be taken at your own pace and coming with one-to-one tutor support, our modular, video-based courses represent the smart way to learn, as it’s super-engaging and flexible, being easily fitted around your current obligations. To find out more about the training we offer, simply visit us today at

Alternatively, to speak to our team about anything discussed here or to have any questions you have answered, all you need to do is call us on 1300 611 404 and we’ll be delighted to help.

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