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If you’re thinking of a career change to the IT industry, you’re certainly not alone, as it’s a sector that’s expected to grow by an impressive 6.5% in 2022 alone! For those with the skills, there’s much in the way of job opportunities to be had. In fact, the sector is crying out for people!

Is It Possible To Switch Careers, From Banking To IT? 

Absolutely, yes. Thanks to online training, it’s possible for anyone to make the switch, as the modular options can be fitted around a person’s existing obligations. This is the case for almost any sector out there, not just in IT. Anyone with the will to get there can enjoy a career in IT.

Is It Worth It To Switch To The Technology Industry? 

Of course. A growing industry like IT will provide you with all the potential for progression, and the pay’s not too bad either. Salaries of $100k+ are quite common, with even more on offer after you’ve developed your skills with short courses online  and gained experience.

The truth is that the IT industry has changed out of all recognition in just 20 years, so we thought we'd help by giving you some pointers on what to expect.

Have You Got The Right Credentials For The Role?

When you make the career change for real, you’ll be applying for roles that require certain methodologies or tools. For instance, you may require Scrum Master Credentials in order to fulfil the role, so be sure to pay attention to what’s required before applying for any jobs.

To find out more about IT courses, read here.

Get Some Hands-On Experience In The Industry 

To be seriously considered for recruitment online or otherwise, it really helps if you get some hands-on experience under your belt. This can be gained by getting involved with a Proof of Concept project or by applying to volunteer with an IT company.

For more information on volunteering in the IT sector, you should take a look at Seek’s website, which features many opportunities.

Find Your Specialism Early On

A misconception that’s commonly believed outside of the IT world is that IT is a monolith and that once you’ve trained, you have the whole industry to choose from. That is not the case. Countless IT sectors exist, from aerospace to telecoms to HR, and switching sectors gets harder the further you go, so choosing your specialism early and training for it is vital.

For some context on just how many IT sectors exist, take a look here.

Adaptability Is A Key Skill

As online training  in technology shows, the IT world is a fast-paced one that’s constantly changing and morphing. As such, professionals must be highly adaptable to keep pace with the latest developments. The faster you’re able to adapt to changes, the more success you’ll enjoy, but it is something you should be mentally prepared for.

You’ll also need to be aware that you’ll be starting at the bottom again, regardless of the status you occupy in your current role. 

Supercharge Your Career Change With OCA Online Training 

The IT industry is an exciting one, for sure, but like any sector, you have to be aware of the challenges before you make the leap that is a career change. The good news is that making any change of this magnitude is easier than ever, thanks to video-based CPD Short Courses training from OCA.

Covering more than 20 different industries and delivered in a mentally-stimulating video format, our students get a truly next-level learning experience - as you can see by watching our student study demo. You even get your own personal mentor whose available 7 days a week in case you get suck.

To learn more about this or our flexible payment plans that make our training even more affordable, visit our website Alternatively, to talk to us directly, email us at [email protected] or give our friendly team a call at 1300 611 404.

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