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If you’ve done any investigating online to see what you can do with the skills learnt on a personal trainer course with OCA, then you might have seen that one of the career options is that of the fitness therapist or exercise therapist as it’s otherwise known. But what kind of role is it and how does it differ from other roles in the field? 

Well, that’s the main purpose of this blog, as we look at exactly what’s required of those in the job. It’s a very interesting part of the fitness world that offers something different. So, if you’re ready, we’ll get stuck into the good stuff.

What Is Fitness Therapy?

Ok, so the field of fitness therapy is exciting in that it combines physical fitness training with psychotherapy. Over and above what you’ll learn on a standard fitness course, fitness therapy helps people become more goal-oriented and motivated while toning and conditioning their body.

As is covered in good online fitness courses, exercise therapy also addresses patterns of behaviour that allow people to incorporate fitness and health into their lifestyles better. It’s all about setting behaviours and turning them into good habits.

What Sort of Person Does Fitness Therapy Help?

Well, the type of people that it can help the most are those that are perhaps struggling to properly prioritise it in their lives. Your clients can range from unhealthy teens to middle-aged people who are wanting to recoup some of the youth and vitality that they may have lost over the years.

As a fitness therapist, you’ll be helping your clients to make significant, healthy changes to their lifestyle whilst also assisting in the building of the correct behaviours and mental pathways. After your assistance, the idea is that your clients should be able to self-manage their own healthy lifestyles. There are many ways that people stop living healthily and you’ll be tasked with helping them get back to where they should be. 

Sound Interesting? Get The Training You Need With OCA

So, as you can see, there are many interesting possible roles you can pursue after taking online fitness courses and if you’re unsure about your suitability to the sector, we even have a Fitness & Personal Training Career Sampler that can help you decide whether it’s for you. We have a wide range of health and fitness courses that can get you where you want to go and you can find out about them by visiting us online at 

Whilst you’re browsing around our site, you can also find out about the range of online courses we offer across a range of industries, from aged healthcare to entrepreneurship, that can be paid for in easy-to-manage instalments. You’ll also find details of how completing our courses give you CPD points to help illustrate your professionalism and dedication to ongoing improvement.

Alternatively, if you need to speak to us directly about any of our health and fitness courses prior to enrolling, just give our friendly team a call today at 1300 611 404 today, and we’ll do our utmost to give you the answers you need.

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