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The digital age has brought about a rapid progression of nearly everything in our day-to-day lives, and a traditional societal value that is being heavily disrupted right now is education. Gone are the days of needing to attend the most select physical institution in the nation to maximise your career opportunities. In fact, there are some key changes both already taking place, and just on the horizon, that will shape the future of how we learn about, prepare for, and dive into our careers.

Skills are replacing titles as an indicator of potential
If you can write up a line of code quicker than another candidate can recite the last position on their resume, you’re probably more likely to end up in a hirer’s good books. This is a significant paradigm shift from traditional thinking, but it also means that people already working in their field can use online courses to exponentially increase their value to either their current or prospective employers.

Being afraid of change will render you obsolete
Many traditional powerhouse industries, such as mining, are slowing dramatically, and those most impacted will be the workforces that can't innovate, practice agile marketing, and re-shape their business strategies. This ultimately comes down to the professionals in those industries, who now need to drive results themselves, rather than relying on their business as a whole. This is where cheaper, quicker online courses could be crucial in reversing the statistics for weakening industries. But it begins with people like you being able to adapt quickly and with laser-sharp precision. Time to break out the textbooks!

Knowing the strong professions in your area will give you the edge
When it comes to individual areas of Australia, not all industries are created equal. Utilising a state-by-state breakdown of jobs and career options will ultimately show you not only how populated your desired field already is, but how it’s grown or weakened over the past few years. While this might dishearten some students, the more stoic individuals now have a heat-map of the nation, showing exactly where their skills are most valued and in demand – and where they may not have a strong chance of surviving. It’s a strategic move, but if made carefully you can know where your dedicated studies and passions will be respected and acknowledged most in a rapidly developing nation.

Michelle Hutchison
Michelle on Linkedin | Michelle on G+ | @michhutchison
Michelle is the Money Expert for, one of the biggest online comparison networks in Australia


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