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No matter what type of dog you’re talking about, their ears are extremely delicate and important organs and they need to be kept healthy. Dogs can be pretty dirty from time to time and as a pet grooming course will show you, this dirt and bacteria can find its way into their ears. And when it does, it can lead to problems like bacterial infections that require courses of antibiotics. 

There are also some breeds that have ears that are prone to wax or sebum buildups, such as Bulldogs, Poodles and Basset Hounds. The thing is, there is certainly a right and a wrong way to clean this area, so that’s what we’ll be looking at here in this blog, as well as how dog grooming courses can help you boost your knowledge as a professional or dog owner.

So, Let’s Take a Closer Look At How It’s Done!

As you’ll find out by taking good pet grooming courses, preparation is key, so before you start, you’ll need to ensure you have a suitable canine ear-cleaning solution (if in doubt, visit your vet). Once you have what you know to be the correct product, you need to fill their ear canal with it - which might cause them to struggle quite a bit. 

If that is the case and you’re not getting anywhere, try using a cotton ball that’s been dipped in the solution. Place it gently within your pup's ear, making sure that you don’t push it all the way inside. Keep applying it and removing it until it comes out as clean as it went in!

Then Take a Breather…

It’s then not a bad idea to take a breather and let your pooch walk around a little and shake its head - imagine what it must be like from their point of view! Then wipe around the outside of the ear to dry things off, and if you even get a hint that your dog is in pain, stop and call your vet.

As dog grooming courses teach us, dog treats can make jobs like this go so much more smoothly, with one being given every time they’ve let you clean a little more. Try and keep one type of treatment for ear cleaning, as it will teach them to associate ear cleaning with something positive.

Become a Better Owner With Pet Grooming Courses from OCA

So, as we can see, cleaning your dog’s ears is pretty simple, but this particular method is the only way to ensure you don’t hurt your pooch or push more dirt inside. Knowledge goes a long way with this kind of thing, so if you want to be a better owner or animal care professional, you can boost yours by taking any of a number of flexible pet care & dog grooming courses we offer at OCA.

Every course we offer is highly stimulating and easy to digest as it’s delivered in video-based modules that can fit your current obligation. To learn more about this, visit us today at where you’ll also find details of how our training is CPD-approved, created in conjunction with industry experts and able to be paid for in manageable instalments.

If however, you’d prefer to speak directly with our advisors about our pet grooming courses or your next career change, call us on 1300 611 404, and we’ll steer you right. 

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