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On average, there are around 500,000 people a year affected by workplace injury or illness in Australia. How many of these incidents were preventable? That’s quite hard to tell, but what this statistic does show is the importance of health and safety training in professional settings.

That said, in business, time is money, so the training provided to ensure workplace safety needs to be both cost-effective and effective. This is why more and more businesses are turning to the much more convenient and affordable option of WHS online learning.

In this article, we’ll look at the advantages offered by health and safety courses online. We’ll highlight how our CPD-endorsed online training helps to overcome the challenges presented by in-person, classroom-based health and safety courses.

Flexibility & Convenience

Health & Safety in the workplace has always been of importance, but traditionally, training courses were delivered in person, in a group setting. The problem with this option, while it’s often effective, is that it takes up hours out of your day and is time-consuming to both arrange and attend.

However, health and safety courses online, like our Workplace Health & Safety course, allow you and your staff to learn about safety culture in a much more convenient and flexible manner. Our e-learning is modular, so it can be accessed at any time and taken at the learner’s own pace, with just a smartphone needed.


Another of the benefits of online safety training like this is its cost-effective nature when compared to traditional classroom training. It covers all the same areas of competency but at a fraction of the cost, and this is because it costs much less to provide - which gets passed on to the customer.

You’ll learn all about safety procedures with health and safety courses online, but pay a lot less for it, as there’s no need for a venue, commuting, lighting, heating, or instructors - and the learning experience provided is a more engaging one, to boot!

Comprehensive Course Materials

While some might think that online training course content could be inferior in some way, that’s actually a long way from the truth. Every course in our range of HR, Management & Communication options is created in collaboration with top industry experts, so it’s always of the highest quality.

On offer is rich, up-to-date content covering:

  • Identifying workplace hazards & how to deal with them

  • How to create first aid & accident policies

  • How to carry out a risk assessment

  • Why risk assessments are important

  • How to maintain WHS records

OCA students also get the benefit of our AI-powered learning management system that actively encourages further study. Safety training programs like these are convenient and affordable, but that’s not at the expense of the learning experience.

Enhanced Knowledge Retention & Application

Anyone who has ever spent an afternoon in classroom-based, work-related training via PowerPoint will tell you that it’s a recipe for glazed eyes and stifled yawns around the room. That’s because learning as a group in this way is neither engaging nor mentally stimulating.

The difference with OCA online courses is that they’re self-paced and taken when the learner is ready. This might be in a spare moment during the day or on the commute home. Either way, this kind of self-paced learning results in better knowledge retention and comprehension.

What’s more, if there’s a particular area of workplace health and safety that you need another look at, any individual student can simply go back and revisit that module.

Expert Assistance & Real-Time Progress Tracking

When you’re learning about creating and maintaining a safe work environment, it’s important to stop and take stock along the way to check for progress. Another of the top benefits of online training with OCA is the expert 1-to-1 mentoring that every single student gets.

So, whether learning about risk management, occupational health and safety, or the details of safety policies, you can get help with anything you’re struggling to understand. What’s more, each module of our health and safety courses online finishes with a short assessment, which reinforces what’s been covered.

OCA Health and Safety Courses Online - The Savvy Option

When you engage with OCA health and safety courses online with OCA, you get to enjoy all the benefits listed and more. As such, it’s not hard to see why online health and safety training like this is becoming so widely adopted by Australian businesses.

As we’ve seen, workplace accidents are an issue for every business, not just those on construction sites, so if you want to get a closer look at what training with us is like, please take a moment to watch our short yet informative Student Study Demo.

Our full training library covers more than 20 different sectors, and you can see it for yourself by visiting us today at While you’re there, watch out for our flexible payment options that make our cost-effective training even more affordable.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us about enrolling in one of our health and safety courses online or anything else, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected].

Discover your potential with this Work Health and Safety Course


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Discover your potential with this Work Health and Safety Course
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