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When couples become parents, their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety, well-being, and happiness of their baby. As children grow, the parenting approach adopted by both parents plays a pivotal role in a child’s development.

It's crucial that this approach is consistent and aligned with a shared goal. When parents have differing viewpoints, it can lead to confusion and instability for the child. Here’s why and how you and your partner can adopt the same page parenting. 

What are the 3 parenting types?

Coined by clinical psychologist Diana Baumrind, there are 3 parenting types:

The Authoritarian Parent, the Authoritative Parent and the Permissive Parent.

There's no right or wrong way to do things, however, the approach must be uniform and have your child's development and happiness as a leading priority.

The 3 Parenting Types Explained 

  • Authoritarian: These parents have strict rules and high expectations. While this can provide structure, it may feel controlling to the child.
  • Authoritative: These parents set rules but also encourage open communication and support. It helps kids become responsible while maintaining a strong bond.
  • Permissive: These parents are more lenient and avoid strict rules. It can provide freedom but may lead to boundary issues.

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Why Should Parents Be On The Same Page?  

Most parenting courses emphasise the importance of parents being on the same page in all aspects of their child's life. Whether it's about homework, playtime, bath time, or even simple things like washing hands before dinner, the answer from both parents should be consistent.

Children quickly notice when parents have conflicting views, which can also extend to witnessing parental arguments. It's crucial to avoid arguing about parenting (or anything else) in front of your kids, as it can be frightening for them.

Consistency in parenting helps create a stable and secure environment for kids, reducing stress and confusion during their upbringing.

Here are more reasons to avoid contradicting each other as parents:

  • Inconsistent Discipline: Different punishments or attitudes toward certain misbehaviours increase the chances of those behaviours happening again.
  • Mixed Rules: Having different rules when one parent is at work and another when they're home can lead to confusion.
  • Manipulation: When a child successfully manipulates one parent into giving in to their desires, it sets a precedent for future manipulation.
  • Normalisation of Conflict: Loud arguments in front of children teach them that conflict is an acceptable way to resolve differences.
  • Disrespect for Authority: It can foster disrespect for authority figures, which is not a desirable outcome.

Remember that you're a parenting team, and working together is crucial to raise a child with good behaviour that feels nurtured and supported.

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