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How important is it to take short courses online  to develop yourself professionally? If you answered that question with "very," you'd be right. Studies show that hirers are 72% more likely to take someone on if they have micro-credentials on their CV. In this article, we look closer at this new form of learning and the advantages on offer.

What Can I Do With A Micro-Credential? 

Well, you can do whatever you want with micro-credential TAFE online courses; the more you take, the more impressive your resume will look. By 'stacking’ this new learning on top of your existing industry knowledge, you can supplement your career and enjoy new opportunities thanks to the gained skills.

The digital badges they provide to those who complete these courses that can be completed in weeks rather than years, adding an extra dimension to your CV. 

What Do Employers Think About Micro-Credentials? 

The good news, as the statistic about hiring mentioned above shows, is that hirers love candidates with these digital badges. Moreover, they stay on your CV throughout your career, regardless of your professional journey. So, join us now as we look at several examples of why your personal development  should be supplemented with this new form of professional learning.

Employers Love Candidates With Micro-Credentials Because:

1. They Demonstrate A Desire To Improve

The first thing is that having digital badges on your CV will prove that you're proactively looking to improve yourself as a professional. It also shows that you've chosen to embrace the life-long learning concept and understand that you have the self-awareness and maturity to know how important ongoing learning is during your career.

2. They Open Up New Opportunities

There may be times when a work opportunity arises that you simply don't have the expertise to apply for. However, when taking micro TAFE courses, you can obtain just that skill in isolation, meaning that it's an extremely effective and efficient way to improve your employability and make the most of the chances you get.

3. They Instill The Desire To Learn

Micro-learning is also fantastic for developing a keen desire to learn more. The best providers offer engaging content with video-based elements rather than solely containing pages and pages of boring text. These courses add fun to learning, leading people to look forward to their next module.

4. They Allow You To Upskill Fast!

Traditional TAFE and university courses can often take 2,3,4, or even 5 years to complete - so it's not a quick process. However, micro-learning courses can be taken however fast or slow the student wants. This means you can identify a skill you're lacking and could realistically have that skill in just a couple of months.

If you're looking for a downside to micro-learning, we're not sure you'll find one. It's quicker, more cost-effective, and can help you to get hired or promoted - or both! As such, micro-credential TAFE courses represent a resource that can transform your career, particularly as your digital badges are indelible - they’ll always be on your CV long after you've moved on from your current employer. 

Supercharge Your Career With OCA Short Courses Online!

Regardless of whether you pay for your training or your employer does, the qualifications you get will stay with you throughout your career. At OCA, we offer a wide range of CPD Endorsed OCA short courses online, covering more than 20 different industries. Whether you're working in elderly care, accountancy, or franchising, our video-based learning gives you everything you need. 

Moreover, our course content is created in conjunction with top experts from each industry, so it's always 100% relevant to what's in demand. Do we offer the best online education Australia  has to offer? Well, the feedback we get from students gives us that idea and you can get a closer look at what learning with us is like by watching our short Student Study Demo

To see our full course library in all of its glory, head over to, where you'll also discover a selection of flexible payment options to suit your budget. We're keen to do our training as affordable and accessible as it can be, and choosing one of these options allows you to spread the cost of your training more manageably.

So, if you'd like to talk to us about anything we have spoken about here or want a question or two answered before enrolment, call our friendly team on 1300 611 404. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to converse via email, drop us at [email protected], and we’ll respond without delay.

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