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Hiring the right people for your franchise is essential. A bad hire can cost up to 15-21% of the employee's annual salary (source), wasting valuable time and resources. It's crucial to get it right from the start. Here’s how. 

How to Create A Job Ad That Will Attract The Right Candidates

Attracting the right people to your franchise begins with crafting an effective job listing. The content and presentation of your job ad play a crucial role in influencing the type of candidates who apply. Here's a more detailed look at how to make your job listing successful:

Keep Your Job Ad Brief 

Research has shown that job seekers are more likely to apply if they meet all the criteria listed in the job description. Therefore, while it's important to include essential details, keeping the listing concise can broaden its appeal. A shorter, focused ad can attract a larger pool of potential talent, allowing you to choose from a diverse range of candidates.

Be Realistic About Required Skills

To ensure your franchise's success, it's vital to have individuals with the right mindset and skills for the role. Avoid overemphasising responsibilities or skills needed, as this may deter qualified candidates. Instead, consult your current employees to gain insights into their day-to-day experiences. This will help you accurately describe the position and its requirements in your job ad, attracting candidates who are genuinely suitable for the role.

Check Who’s Read Your Job Listing Properly

The best online courses in recruitment will tell you to get creative if your current hiring approach isn’t working and this can be done cleverly…and more than a little sneakily. By putting something that needs to be included with the application, like “provide 200 words on why you want to work with us” you’ll know whether they’ve properly read the job ad. 

This will help you to sift out those non-serious people out there who are randomly applying for roles and not properly reading what the job entails. 

Include The Salary In The Description

Recognise that financial considerations play a significant role in every candidate's decision-making process. People have financial obligations, bills to pay, and livelihoods to sustain. Therefore, it's crucial to transparently display the annual salary in your job ad. Job listings that include salary information tend to attract approximately 30% more applicants (source). By being upfront about compensation, you not only increase the number of candidates but also ensure that those who apply are genuinely interested in the role.

How Do You Know If You Hired The Wrong Person?

Hiring the right people is vital for your franchise's success. Sometimes, candidates may look great on paper but might not be the right fit in practice.

Here are some signs that you might have made a wrong hiring choice (and tips to rectify the issues):

  • Struggles with tasks they claimed to know: If a new employee has trouble with tasks they said they could do, it's a sign they may not be as skilled as they claimed.
  • Punctuality issues: If your new team member is often late, it could be a problem with time management.
  • Trouble with basic tasks: Some employees might struggle with basic job requirements, which may require extra training.
  • Work quality concerns: If their work isn't up to par, offering guidance and resources can help improve their performance.
  • Engagement and enthusiasm: New hires may take time to adjust, but creating a positive environment and growth opportunities can boost their motivation.
  • Conflicts with colleagues or supervisors: Encourage open communication and conflict resolution to resolve any issues.
  • High turnover or absenteeism: Frequent staff changes may indicate problems that need addressing.
  • Missed deadlines or incomplete tasks: Communicate expectations and provide support to improve performance.

Remember that franchise hiring is an ongoing process, and offering support, effective leadership, and a positive workplace can help employees grow and succeed in their roles.

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