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There are many ways that people learn. There are free online courses, learning by repetition and word association, to name but three. Flash cards are also highly popular for this purpose, as they appeal to both kinesthetic and visual learners. So, it’s not a method you should dismiss until you try it.

Why Are flash Cards Such An Effective Studying Tool? 

Using flashcards represents can really help you to retain information learned on short courses, as they employ what’s known as spaced repetition. It involves reading the cards, waiting a short while, and then testing yourself again. Each time you do it, you may only recall a little more, but it's only a matter of time before it all goes in.

What Is The Best Way To Make Flashcards? 

Well, the first thing we can say is that making your own is the best way to use flashcards, not least because writing them out also helps with recall. There are apps if you prefer, but the main point here is that writing out what you need to learn first can help.

What’s more, creating your own flashcards for your personal development plan means that you can customize them exactly how you want them.

Employ Pictures AND Words In Your Flashcards

In the field of cognitive psychology, there's something known as the Picture Superiority Effect, which basically means that adding pictures makes information more memorable. So, by adding images or drawings to your flashcards, you can tap into a natural phenomenon that has existed throughout our evolution as human beings.

Break Up Complex Concepts In Your Flashcards

Flashcards can be very useful, even when complex subjects are being tackled. While it might not seem like flashcards would be applicable in this kind of scenario, all it takes is for you to break up the subject into small morsels - just like you would approach eating a pizza.

We don’t try and eat the whole thing all at once, right? By covering the small facts and learning them by heart, you’ll be much better placed to learn the subject as a whole.

Limit Yourself To One Question Per Flashcard

When studying short courses  alongside flashcards, it’s best to avoid the temptation to list more than one question on each card. If you do, you risk falling into the trap of ‘illusion of competence’.

This is a term that relates to occasions when we believe that we’ve learned something when we haven't, and having more than one question at a time opens up the possibility of it happening. You see, there's a difference between recall and recognition.

Use Mnemonic Techniques For Your Flashcards

Mnemonics are often used for effective learning, and using them on your flashcards can boost your online studying. It doesn't necessarily mean that you must create a whole rhyme or story to recall information, as anything that associates two separate bits of information within the mind will suffice.

Combining these mnemonics with pictures can help to reinforce what you’ve learned by creating strong neural pathways that last 

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Flashcards are just one of many ways that people learn new information, and at OCA, our video-based short online courses make the job of acquiring new professional skills so much easier. Our courses are

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