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Taking short courses can be a great way to develop professionally, whether working towards a career change or simply trying to be better at your job. However, when working full time, can result in very little spare time to work with. Here we look at what can be done to achieve a good work/study balance in a sustainable way.

Is it too hard to work and study at the same time? 

Of course, that depends on how many hours you’re working and how you approach it, but there are things you can do to make it possible. Learning methods have changed much since the advent of the internet, making the job of improving your chances of recruitment online that much easier.

Is it possible to work full-time and study part-time online?  

Absolutely. As we’ll see at the end, video-based, modular short courses from OCA make it possible, but it still requires that you take the right steps to balance the time you spend at work and in your study books. So, if you’ve got your notepad ready, we’ll begin. 

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

There’s a lot to be said for planning your studies properly when taking an online course. That’s because leaving everything until the last minute creates stress and doesn’t leave much time to play with. Whether you keep track in a notebook or on your smartphone doesn’t matter, it pays to stay organised.

Know Your Personal Limits 

Another reason why many students fail to complete short courses is that they commit to more than they’re actually able to deliver. You’ve got to think that you’re often going to be getting home from work to then be faced with studying. Will you have the energy? That’s something you need to consider.

The thing is that it’s better to commit to a lower level of study and actually do it than set yourself an unrealistic target. It’s about sustainability and ensuring that you don’t burn out!

Be Efficient In How You Study

If time is restricted, then it stands to reason that it will help if you’re able to be more efficient in how you study. Rather than poring over the same text over and over again without taking much in, perhaps take regular breaks to ensure you remain focused.

Eliminating distractions will help you too, so make sure you turn your smartphone off and take yourself away to a quiet area of the house. That way, you create the conditions for success. 

Talk to Your Employer About Things

If you’re studying to make yourself better at your job, there’s a good chance that your employer will be receptive to the idea of making things easier for you. Depending on what kind of role you’re in and how much flexibility it offers, you may be able to negotiate an early finish or two.

Essentially, a more highly trained employee will make any business more effective and profitable, so you might be surprised by how much lee-way you’re given. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?

Make Professional Study Easier With OCA Short Courses  

When you plan things out and approach study with a plan, your chances of success go up dramatically. What can also really help are video-based, CPD-approved, short online courses from OCA? Created in collaboration with top industry experts and delivered in bite-sized modules, it makes fitting learning in around your working day easy. 

To find out more about this or any of our professional learning that covers over 20 different sectors, visit us today at There you’ll also discover details of how to enrol, as well as our flexible payment options that make our training even more affordable. 

However, should you prefer to speak to us about how our industry-led learning can help you realise your career ambitions, give us a call on 1300 611 404 and we’ll be delighted to assist? 

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