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When you look across workplaces throughout Australia, there are many regulations and guidelines that need to be followed. When it comes to keeping everyone who works there safe, it’s the Work Health & Safety (WHS) guidelines that have to be adhered to.

Covering aspects like first aid, occupational health, and more, Australian companies are increasingly turning to health and safety courses online, like our Workplace Health & Safety course, so they (and their employees) are fully up to speed with everything they need to know.

But how much of an impact does this kind of e-learning actually have? In this article, we’ll be delving into the value on offer from these kinds of training courses to illustrate that it’s something that every onsite manager or business owner needs to consider.

The Importance of Employee Health & Safety at Work

It’s important to provide a healthy workplace for professionals in Australia; it’s mandated by law. It’s why business owners are duty-bound to carry out workplace risk assessments to identify any existing hazards. As such, to achieve employee well-being in the workplace, health and safety courses online allow everyone to be educated to the required level.

But how do online health and safety courses help protect employees' well-being, and how do businesses benefit? Come with us now as we explain.

Raising Employee Awareness of Hazards

If an organisation runs employee wellbeing initiatives, they also need to support employees in learning, taking all the necessary information on board. As such health and safety courses online help to impart knowledge of what’s required, as well as how to identify workplace hazards.

Asbestos, trip hazards, and other risk factors are easier to avoid when everyone is on the same page, and health and safety courses online ensure they are. With training, it becomes part of workplace culture, with everyone looking out for everyone else.

Employee Well-being Affects Team Performance

Another benefit of engaging in health and safety courses online is the positive impact it can have on staff performance. When workplace well-being is focused upon, the conditions for success are created, as everyone is comfortable and happy enough to do good work.

However, when it’s not, and employees are affected physically by excessive noise in the workplace or suffer from ill health due to other problems, productivity typically drops. Not only does your employee retention also drop, but your human resources department is likely to face workers compensation claims, too.

Enhancing Mental Health & Emotional Well-being

Health and safety courses online aren’t always focused on preventing physical health problems, as mental well-being is also covered in depth. It’s important for employees to have a good work-life balance, but that’s not always the case, and online learning can help people spot the signs.

These great CPD-endorsed courses also cover mental health and how to spot certain mental health conditions, and what to do when you suspect when something is wrong. A safe working environment can help to prevent stress and similar mental health issues, but knowledge of the symptoms is key.

Empowering Employees to Take Control of Their Well-being

Knowledge of important WHS aspects like First Aid Training is important, of course, but it’s the change in your workplace safety culture that’s the real advantage. When well-being programs are offered, it empowers employees to start being proactive about their own safety and that of all their work colleagues.

When work-related safety training is provided, it offers a template for everyone to use to take control of their own well-being. Then, a safe workplace is everyone’s concern, with absenteeism due to work accidents and illness also being minimised.

Boost Employee Well-Being With OCA Health and Safety Courses Online

The delivery of employee well-being learning has changed much since the advent of online training, and OCA courses offer the most convenient and affordable option available. Unlike in-person providers that charge a fortune, our evidence-based, CPD-endorsed, video-based short courses cover every main competency area.

Each of the modules can be taken at a time and pace that suits you and your staff, and an expert 1-to-1 mentor is available for every student. If you’d like to get a closer look at what it’s like to take an online course with us, watch our short Student Study Demo for more details.

However, if you’d like to know more about our full range of courses - that cover more than 20 different industries - visit us today at, where you’ll also see that our well-being training can be paid for with a selection of easy payment options.

Alternatively, to speak to us directly about your needs, simply call 1300 611 404. However, if it’s outside of our regular working hours, email [email protected], and we’ll respond without delay.

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