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While all pets are popular in Australia, it’s dogs that enjoy the honour of being the nation’s favourite fluffy friend. It’s the popularity of man’s best friend that has led to the emergence of dog walking businesses, as busy Australians need their doggy pals exercising when they’re not around.

One of the main advantages of dog walking businesses as part of the larger pet care industry is that it offers health benefits to pooches. Rather than have them sit alone in their kennel all day, they get to enjoy a range of benefits - and that’s the focus of our blog today.

The Concept of Dog Walking Businesses

Every breed of dog, from the collie to the golden retriever, likes nothing more than heading to the dog park and stretching their legs. Offering great peace of mind and a range of additional paid services, such as pet sitting, groomer services, and dog obedience training, dog walking businesses make dog ownership much easier for those with busy lives.

Animal welfare and pet health are at the core of services like these, meaning anyone with a pet dog should consider them for a range of reasons - not least the physical and mental health benefits.

The Canine Health Benefits of Dog Walking Businesses

All pet parents across Australia want the best for their little friends, and the best dog-walking operators treat all of their furry clients like their own dogs. The list of health benefits of these doggy daycare services is extensive, with just a few examples detailed below.

Health Benefit #1 - Overall Health Is Supported

As you’ll find when taking any of our Animal Health & Veterinary Courses, walking dogs is essential for ensuring the well-being of pooches. Dogs aren’t meant to lead sedentary lifestyles - something that can lead to obesity and a number of associated conditions.

Muscle atrophy (shrinking), arthritis, and diabetes are just a few examples, and dog walking can prevent them from occurring, as well as helping to lower blood pressure and improve longevity.

Health Benefit #2 - Mental Health Is Supported

Just like humans, dogs need to have their mental and emotional needs met, and dog-walking businesses help greatly in this regard. You see, exercise and the social nature of dog walking (seeing other people and dogs) help to keep dogs stimulated and happy.

Physical activity creates ‘feel-good’ hormones, too, and serves to de-stress the pup in question. That means they’re much less likely to engage in hard-to-control exuberant behaviour at home.

Health benefit #3 - Preventing Damaging Behaviours

When exercise isn’t focused on as it should be during pet ownership, dogs can get really bored with lots of pent-up energy. Mixed with the frustration of not being taken out by their owners, it can lead to pooches losing control and taking it out on furniture or whatever’s closest!

Other symptoms that your dog is unhappy, bored, or frustrated include hole digging and biting holes in doors. It’s just their way of telling you something’s wrong.

Online Learning Can Give You the Skills to Work As a Pro!

The huge demand for dog-walking services means that there are opportunities out there for entrepreneurs to start their own lucrative dog-walking businesses. Furthermore, learning the skills has never been easier, thanks to the convenience and affordability of OCA online learning.

Other animal caregiver roles online line learning like this opens up include:

  • Working in animal shelters (Feeding pet food, providing medication, etc.)

  • Working with companion animals

  • Veterinary assistants

  • Animal attendants

  • Dog trainers

  • Pet sitters

There are also many benefits to learning for your new animal care career, so it’s an option that anyone serious about professional development should consider:

  • Affordability - learning to become a professional dog walker online is accessible to most people, as not only are Online Courses Australia’s short courses wallet-friendly, but they can also be paid for in manageable instalments via our flexible payment plans.

  • Learning Flexibility - unlike in-person learning options, short courses online can be taken at a time and place of your choosing. Just an internet-connected device is all you need!

  • 1-to-1 Mentor Support - You get great support with OCA online learning from your expert mentor, who knows about every aspect a professional dog walker needs to consider. There are safety aspects to dog walks, as well as animal first aid and more, so expert advice is good to have!

So, if you’re one of Australia’s many pet owners and you want to know how to complement your dog walks with other knowledge, it’s a fantastic option. Also, should you be one of those dog owners who want to start dog walking businesses, it’s awesome for that too!

Like the Sound of Australian Dog Walking Businesses? Start Yours With OCA Online Learning

So, if you’re a new dog owner who wants to brush up on their animal care skills, or you have a business in mind, OCA online learning represents the easiest and most affordable way to learn. Video-based, offered in short modules for easy digestion and coming with CPD points, you only have to look at a few testimonials to see that it’s training that people love!

To get a better sense of what’s great about learning with Online Courses Australia, watch our Student Study Demo, which shows you what an all-encompassing experience is on offer. However, if you’d like to see our full course library that spans 20+ industries, visit us today at

Alternatively, to speak to our friendly team about your precise learning needs, simply call 1300 611 404 or email us at [email protected].


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