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Contract managers are essential cogs in the machinery of any business that keep operations smooth, costs in check, and legalities on point. Understanding contract management can open doors to numerous job opportunities and streamline business processes. Below, we cover what you need to know about contract management, including a list of the best contract management courses in Australia. 

Where to Find Contract Management Courses Australia 


Course Name




Key Features

The Institute Of Management

Contract Management Fundamentals

Face-to-Face or online

2 days 


Comprehensive overview of procurement and contract systems, legal implications, and administration duties​​.

University for Sydney Centre for Continuing Education

Contract Management Course

Face-to-face or online

8 hours 


Covers the entire contract lifecycle, and practical applications in managing contracts effectively​​.


Contract Management


2 days


Understand the fundamental concepts of contract management

from beginning to end. 

The Knowledge Academy

Contract Management Training Course


2 days 


Covers foundational to advanced topics, available in various formats​​.

Informa Australia

Contract Management & Administration Fundamentals


Online: 1 day

In-House: 2 days 


Tailored content to client's needs, a comprehensive understanding of contract management and procurement​​.

Swinburne University

Contract Management Essentials

Online/Workplace training

2 days 


Learn how to confidently sit at the table when contractual discussions are occurring, and successfully communicate, negotiate, and brief contract requirements to meet business objectives.

What is Contract Management?

Contract management goes hand in hand with another role, called procurement. This is why any good contract management course teaches you about procurement as well. 

  • Procurement: Procurement is the process businesses use to buy goods or services from external sources. It includes finding suppliers, negotiating deals, and ensuring everything arrives as expected.
  • Contract Management: Once purchases are made, contract management kicks in to oversee the agreements between the business and suppliers. It involves creating contracts, ensuring compliance, and resolving any issues that may arise.

While they are not the same thing, they are both essential for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. They work hand in hand to ensure that businesses obtain what they need efficiently and effectively.

Jobs & Industries Needing Procurement & Contract Management Skills 

Taking a contract management course can open up a wealth of career opportunities across a broad range of sectors, such as: 


  • Procurement Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Legal Contract Advisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Vendor Management Specialist
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Compliance Manager


  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Technology and IT
  • Healthcare
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Consulting and Services

What Does a Procurement/Contract Manager Do? 

While daily tasks vary from industry to industry, here are some general duties you’ll find a contract manager/procurement manager doing: 

  • Evaluating Suppliers: Assessing potential suppliers based on price, quality, and delivery speed.
  • Negotiating Contracts: Working out terms that benefit both the company and the supplier.
  • Overseeing Supply Chain Operations: Ensuring smooth operation from order to delivery.
  • Ensuring Contractual Compliance: Making sure both parties adhere to the terms of the contract.
  • Managing Disputes: Resolving any issues or conflicts that arise during the contract period.
  • Monitoring Performance: Assessing the performance of suppliers and the quality of goods/services received.
  • Budget Management: Overseeing costs and working within budget constraints.
  • Risk Management: Identifying potential risks in procurement activities and developing mitigation strategies.
  • Record Keeping: Maintaining detailed records of contracts, purchases, and negotiations.
  • Reporting: Providing reports on procurement and contract management activities and outcomes​​​​.

Contract Manager Salary in Australia 

In Australia, those in procurement and contract management roles can expect good salaries, but they do vary based on experience, location, and industry. For instance, a contract manager can earn anywhere from $70,000 to $180,000 annually. The numbers can vary, but the demand for these skills keeps the field lucrative.

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Contract Management Course FAQs 

What will I learn in a procurement and contract management course? 

You’ll learn to find and choose suppliers, negotiate deals, and ensure everyone sticks to the agreement. Plus, you'll learn about the rules and ethics that keep everything fair and square.

Who should take procurement and contract management courses? 

Anyone can take a contract management course. From newcomers wanting to break into the field to current professionals aiming to up their game, or anyone in business roles like project managers and supply chain coordinators. If you're involved in making or overseeing purchases and agreements, this could be right up your alley.

How long does it take to complete a procurement and contract management course?

Time can vary based on the course's depth and how quickly you move through the material. Some courses are brief and can be wrapped up in a day, while more in-depth ones might stretch over several months. The pace can often be adjusted to fit your schedule, especially with online options.

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