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Eyelash extensions are super popular these days due to their ability to transform a person's look. They’re so popular that lash extension businesses are expected to represent a $1.8bn global industry by 2025, so it seems to be a trend that's here to stay. That said, you pay good money for a set of lashes to be professionally applied, so you want them to last a long time.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Only Last A Week? 

There are countless reasons why your eyelash extensions may not last as long as they should. From following makeup demo  videos wrongly to incorrect lash application, if your lash extensions aren’t put in place properly, your daily routine will take its toll on them.

How Can I Make My Eyelash Extensions Stay On Longer? 

That’s what we look at here, as we offer up five things you can be doing to ensure your lash extensions stay the distance and you get your money's worth!

Tip #1 - Brush & Clean Them EVERY Day

Our first tip is a simple one and it involves just keeping them clean. This will extend the life of your lashes and can be carried out as part of your daily cleansing/toning/moisturising routine. There are a number of lash detox cleansers on the market that offer a safe and irritation-free option to get the job done.

We’d recommend keeping some of the product and a lash-cleaning brush in your makeup kit  along with some gel eye makeup remover that will help to ensure there’s no oil, makeup or in the brow or eye area.

Tip #2 - Treat Your Lashes With Kid Gloves

If there’s one thing that anyone who’s ever worn eyelash extensions will know, it’s that you need to be gentle with your lashes. If you want your lashes to last, this is a good maxim to follow, which means no plucking, tugging or rubbing, as it will simply work things loose.

Everyone gets itchiness near the lash line on occasion, but you have to try and resist the urge to scratch at it. That said, we’ve heard that brushing your lashes gently with a mascara wand will do the trick without any damage being caused.

Tip #3 - Invest In Some Protective Lash Sealant         

When it comes to lash extensions, it’s best not to be shy in terms of investing money into it. We’re not talking about a huge investment, rather just the purchase of a good lash sealant, as it will go a long way to prolonging the life of the glue that’s holding the lashes on.

Simply put, lash sealant is used by professionals for this very reason so that the lashes they install stay there until the next refill.

Tip #4 - Get Fortnightly Refills Without Fail

Another way to ensure your lash extensions last longer is to make sure that you’re attending the salon for a refill appointment once a fortnight. This will ensure your lash line looks fuller, as the technician will perform maintenance and have you looking fresh in just a few minutes.

Like everything, the longer you leave things, the more your technician will have to rectify in your next visit. Sure, it’s more cost and takes more time out of your day, but you’ll see the extra effort in the health and appearance of your extensions. 

Tip #5 - Stick To Extension-Friendly Makeup

The adhesion your lash extensions have to your eyelids can be affected by the makeup and other beauty products you use alongside them. That’s why you should avoid alcohol or oil-based makeup and mascara advertised as being waterproof. 

This also includes oil-based moisturisers that are applied around the eye area. If you’re unsure when buying any beauty product, just read the ingredients and it will tell you everything you need to know.

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