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There aren't many certainties in life, but people's propensity to disagree is one of them. As online learning in the subject clearly illustrates, conflict in the workplace is commonplace not just in Australia but worldwide. However, it should not be allowed to fester, as it can impact your productivity and teamwork.

How Important Is Conflict Management In An Organisation? 

Very important! You see, conflict at work can have very real financial consequences for businesses that don't take the necessary steps to de-escalate matters. This is backed by statistics, too, shown by the fact that in Australia, in just the last quarter of 2022, there were an incredible 22,000 employees involved in workplace disputes that resulted in more than 28,000 lost working days.

How Do You Handle Conflict In The Workplace? 

As any good business management course will teach you, disagreements should be allowed to occur in any team - so long as any conflict is managed correctly. When this happens, it demonstrates that while disagreements will be permitted, unproductive conflict will not. Come with us now as we look at five examples of ‘proper management'.

  • Tip #1 - Always Remain Calm

When disagreements escalate, it's typically because one side or the other has lost its temper and become upset. As easy it can be to do so, as a manager, you must remain calm throughout arguments to retain your impartiality and serenity. If you struggle with this, why not try one of the many free calmness apps you'll find online to support you? 

  • Tip #2 - Find The Right Place To Resolve The Issue

Online training  in conflict resolution dictates that the location of any conversations aimed at sorting the issue out is just as important. You need a quiet place where you're not likely to be disturbed, so you can dedicate yourself to the task without anyone feeling rushed. This prevents anyone else from becoming embroiled and greatly increases the chances of people remaining composed.

  • Tip #3 - Don't Focus On Who To Blame

Playing the blame game does not put you on a good path to resolving any workplace argument. While knowing who started the argument and why will help you to sort the problem out, it doesn't pay to mention it or to get involved in name-calling. All you'll serve to do by taking this path is add more fuel to the fire. Instead, stay objective and look for resolutions.

  • Tip #4 - Always Listen To Both Sides

It's natural to have unconscious biases towards certain team members you work best with. However, you can't let this affect your impartiality. Unless you were present during the altercation, you can't possibly know what led to the problem or how things transpired. That's why you should genuinely listen to both sides with an open mind. 

  • Tip #5 - Follow Up On Any Resolution That's Made

There's no point in taking the time to come to a resolution if the agreements that are struck aren't followed up on. After successfully getting a handshake between the two parties, you should document what's been agreed upon as the issue was worked out so you can refer to it later. Some issues require an ongoing effort to sort them out long-term, so things must be written down.

As long as there are people in the workplace, there will be a potential for conflict, but when you have the right skills, that potential is never allowed to overspill into actual arguments. Everyone's approach is a little different, but if you follow these rules, you won't go far wrong.

Enhance Your Conflict Resolution Skills With Online Learning 

As we can see, effective conflict resolution at work requires objectivity and calmness, but if you feel your management style needs some attention in this regard, don't worry! At OCA, we offer CPD-Endorsed video-based short courses online, like our HR, Management & Communication Courses, which offer an engaging and convenient learning experience that's easy to fit around your day.

What's it like being an OCA student? Well, the feedback we get is that ours is the most immersive and stimulating online education Australia offers - something you can find out more about by watching our Student Study Demo. Doing so lets you see that every student gets 1-to-1 mentoring and a system that truly understands you as a learner.

Our full course library covers more than 20 professional sectors, which you can see for yourself by visiting us today at While you're browsing, be sure to take the time to look at our flexible payment options that make our already affordable online training  even more accessible to ambitious Australians. 

Alternatively, to speak with us before enrolment, just call 1300 611 404 or email, and we'll get back to you without delay. 

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