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As you get to find out when taking a travel agent course, adventure travel is an exciting part of the wider tourism industry, with some incredible locations to visit around the world. Adventure travel covers many activities, with the common denominator being that it’s either active, exciting or thrill-seeking. Whether scuba diving, canoeing or bungee jumping is your thing, there's something for everyone! 

The best travel agent course  training will highlight the sheer diversity of the sector, with the only limitation seeming to be the imagination of the holidaymaker. To illustrate this, we now look at 5 exciting destinations that will get your heart pumping in 2022. So, if you're ready to look at some of the most intriguing holiday spots on earth - we'll begin.

Destination #1 - Thailand!

Located in the Far East, Thailand is undoubtedly a hot spot for adventure-seeking holiday go-ers, as it’s one of the prime locations for this kind of thing. Online travel agent courses  show us that Thailand is the home of white sandy beaches, elephants, glorious mountains and awesome nightlife, and it’s a great place to try things like snorkelling, kayaking, rock climbing or hiking up to see the golden temples!

Destination #2 - Australia! 

As you may already know, our own country of Australia is a popular location for adventure holidays, but you should remember to bring sunscreen with you! While in Australia, holidaymakers get to surf near the Great Barrier Reef, hike through the world-famous bush or even snowboard up in the mountains. Oz really does offer much to thrill seekers! 

Destination #3 - Spain! 

As Tafe online courses  on travel teach, Spain is known around the world for package holidays, mainly along the Costa Del Sol. However, that's far from all, as the country is home to the Pyrenees, which is perfect for rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering. Also available are the full range of activities like paragliding, kayaking, hiking and any other pastime that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors!

Destination #4 - Costa Rica!

Geographically speaking, we now look further afield to the jungle lands of Costa Rica in South America, which as online travel agent training courses  highlight, represents the perfect place for a variety of pastimes to get your heart pumping. You could try zip-lining over misty forests, surfing on Tamarindo Beach, extreme hiking or even cave exploration. There's a lot going on in Costa Rica for active people.

Destination #5 - Morocco!

While Morocco might not be the first place you think of when considering adventure holidays, this belies the fact that there’s a lot on offer. Perhaps you might want to try camel riding across the desert or mountain biking over the Atlas mountains. Or maybe a Safari in Western Sahara is more your thing? Whatever your tastes, Morocco has everything and more.

As a Travel Agent, You Make Adventure Dreams Real!

These are just 5 of the many adventure tourism destinations around the world. As a travel agent, you’ll have the exciting job of hooking your customers up with incredible experiences like these all year round. Training for the role is easier than ever, too, thanks to highly engaging video-based travel, tourism and online aviation courses.

Every course we offer at OCA is modular and easy to digest, as they come with tutorials and one on one mentor support. Not only that but every hour completed counts as one CPD point, meaning that you'll be more attractive to employers once you qualify. If you'd like to know more about this or any of the training we offer to cover 20+ industries, visit us today at

Alternatively, to speak directly to us before enrolling on any industry-leading training that our students adore, simply call us on 1300 611 404, and we'll be delighted to assist. 


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