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If you want to be considered a good business leader, there are skills that are nice to have and others that you simply can’t do without. Residing firmly in the latter category is excellent communication, as you need to know how to effectively get your message across about how you want things done - something that leadership courses online can absolutely help you with. 

However, there are several different types of communication; ideally, you need to master them all. So that’s what we’ll be looking at in this article, as we detail 5 different abilities you’ll need to display to get buy-in from every one of your employees. So, let’s begin.

Skill #1 - Active Listening 

As good leadership courses online will teach you, there’s nothing quite as important for leaders as the ability to actively listen. That doesn’t just mean paying attention to the words being said, but also the emotions that come along with the words and the ramifications of what you’re being told.

If you don’t pay full attention, you likely won’t understand the facts accurately enough to offer the wise advice that’s being asked of you. By responding with relevant questions and solutions to your employees, you’ll display not just authority but that you’re a leader who listens.

Skill #2 - Good Verbal & Non-Verb Communication

Body language is a powerful thing, and when called upon, employees will tend to pay close attention to what their leaders have to say. Even when you’re not having a great day, or you’ve received bad news, you need to continue to communicate positively, as your staff will pick up on it. 

Your employees may have no idea about what you’re going through, so it’s essential that you transmit good vibes both in your words and actions. 

Skill #3 - Giving Praise Where It’s Deserved

Money is a compelling factor for any employee, but it’s often not all they work hard for. Leadership courses online will teach you a lot about motivating staff, and one of the most powerful is professional pride. That’s where praise from above can be highly impactful when a job’s been done well.

Any good work can be a cause for giving praise, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be for significant achievement as such. Staying late to get work done or simply going above and beyond the call of duty are valid reasons for praise, so make sure you give it where it’s due.

Skill #4 - Effective Delegation of Tasks

You can’t do everything yourself from the top, so clear and effective delegation is a prerequisite for any reasonable business leader. That means giving out the why, the what, the where, the who, and the how clearly, as they’re elements that need to be delivered without obfuscation. 

Fail to get this communication discipline right, and you’ll find your staff returning with results you didn’t intend. 

Skill #5 - Showing Empathy

Another vital skill you’ll learn in leadership short courses online is empathy, as it’s crucial for building rapport and relationships with staff. Sometimes things won’t go as planned, and having empathy will allow you to get the root causes and rectify the issues.

Empathy is also essential when trying to develop and coach staff; if you can’t put yourself in their shoes, you won’t be able to provide the advice they need to overcome things they’re struggling with.  

Developing Your Skills With Flexible Leadership Courses Online

As we can see, there are many facets to effective leadership communication, and we’ve only touched upon five aspects. However, if you’d like to learn about the full range of skills, you’ll need as a leader; you can get the knowledge by utilising leadership courses like our Leadership Skills course.

This, like all of the professional online training we offer at OCA, is not only CPD-approved, video-based and created with the help of industry experts, but also able to be taken at your own pace. Visit us today at, and you can find out more about what makes our online training more effective, engaging and affordable. 

Alternatively, if you would like to explore a short course online, just give us a call at 1300 611 404 where our friendly advisor will be able to give you the answers you require! 

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