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If you’re considering a career change, the sheer number of possibilities can spin you around and leave you confused and unsure about which way to go. Here we aim to narrow down the field somewhat by detailing 5 Australian sectors that are looking for dedicated professionals just like you.

What Factors Make Someone Decide To Switch Jobs? 

People look for recruitment online  when already in a job for a whole host of reasons. Work/life balance, company culture, job satisfaction and flexible hours are some of the factors driving the switch as people look for greener pastures in another field.

 What Is The Best Profession In Australia? 

That’s a question that’s impossible to answer, as everyone’s professional journey and personal development  are different. However, as promised, we can look at some of the sectors in Australia that are actively looking for the next generation of professionals.

So, let’s waste no time getting started.

Industry #1 - Travel & Tourism  

The holiday industry, in particular, was hit hard by the emergence of the coronavirus, but a bright future lies ahead. According to the government, the Australian tourism sector is again booming, with pre-pandemic levels of trade returning this year and next. It would seem the message from people around the world is that they can’t wait to holiday in Australia again!

It’s a well-paid option for a career change, too, as travel agents in Australia can earn between $52-$85k per year depending on experience. If, however, being a tour guide is of more interest, pay ranges from $54k-$70k, with the additional benefit of a travel-based role. 

Industry #2 - Healthcare

With a growing, ageing population and increasing life expectancy, the healthcare industry will need many more professionals in the years ahead. The industry has enjoyed steady growth over the last 5 years, and that’s set to continue, so it offers much in the way of opportunity.

Roles in the sector are many and varied, with pay reflecting the importance of the work they do. Aged care workers, for example, earn on average $65k, with registered nurses earning around $100k.

Industry #3 - Education

A sector you’ll find when looking for recruitment online  is education - another public service that grows with population levels. This population growth will require more teachers to fill the new vacancies and replace those retiring from teaching in the years ahead. 

This is a highly rewarding sector that involves shaping the minds of young people, and the pay isn’t too shabby either, with primary school educators earning $93k on average and university lecturers bringing in over $125-$130k. Not bad for a job you might also love doing! 

Industry #4 - Construction

Our penultimate option for your career change is construction, a field in which the work is challenging but very interesting and well-paid. Growth is expected to be solid, with 200,000 new houses a year being constructed in the residential sector alone. What’s more, there are countless different roles to be had.

To illustrate the pay level we’re talking about, plumbers in Australia typically earn $94k per year, with construction managers receiving an impressive $178k per annum.

Industry #5 - Information Technology (IT)

It can’t have escaped your notice that technology is everywhere these days, with 3D printers, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning adoption rolling out across a whole host of sectors. That means it’s an industry with boundless opportunities for those with the drive, knowledge and skill.

Taking short courses online to gain the requisite knowledge is a path to a well-paid job, too, with software programmers averagely earning over $100k per year and ICT managers earning around $150k per year. Reason enough to consider the sector, we think you’ll agree.

Get the New Professional Skills You Need With Short Courses Online 

A career change is a big move, and there is little doubt. However, it’s made that much easier thanks to CPD-endorsed short courses online that make gaining new professional skills a stimulating and enjoyable experience. Next-level learning is what we offer, and it’s something you can get a feel of by looking at our Student Study Demo.

Offered with 1-to-1 mentor support and delivered in short video-based modules that can be easily arranged around your current obligations, our students get to learn on their terms. To learn more about this or see our full range of courses covering 20+ industries, visit us today at Or to learn more about online university courses in Australia, contact us today! 

If, however, you need to speak to us directly to have questions answered, we’ll be more than happy to assist. To get in touch, simply call 1300 611 404 or email us at [email protected].

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