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Australia is most certainly a nation of animal lovers, with dogs and cats amongst the most popular pets in homes across the country. However, if you have an interest in all of the amazing species of animals around the world, then a new career in zoology could well be the option for you.

Focused on every single creature found in global ecosystems and habitats, zoology is a field of animal science that’s concerned with understanding how to preserve and protect biodiversity in the natural environment in the face of the threat of climate change.

The Many Career Options Available in Zoology

When you have the necessary qualifications, the animal welfare choices available to you are wide and varied, covering an array of exciting and interesting positions. A love of animals is certainly one of the prerequisites of roles in this sector, but also dedication to professional development.

However, with the right drive and commitment, a zoologist could end up working...

  • On a wildlife management or ecology research project

  • Research technician involved in data analysis

  • In a biotechnology or conservation biology position

  • In an aetiology role (studying animal behaviour)

  • Carrying out fieldwork for the RSPCA

  • As a zookeeper at your local zoo

  • As a marine biology researcher

It is, of course, up to you in which area you specialise and your decision will play a big part in deciding which type of training you’ll need to take. Here we look at the options and offer a number of reasons why online courses increasingly represent the best choice.

Mastering the Subject With a Zoology Course Online

Naturally, understanding the animal kingdom is one of the fundamentals of work in the Australian zoology sector, and up until recently, that meant having to complete a bachelor of science or postgraduate degree on the subject. Needless to say, a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree represents a huge commitment involving years as many as 4 years of full-time study on campus.

The tuition fees typically involved require most people to take a student loan - something that can follow you for many years after qualification. However, thanks to OCA online courses in animal welfare, you can start your zoology career in a much more convenient and accessible way.

Self-Paced Study Is Just One Advantage of a Zoology Course Online

One of the major benefits of online learning in zoology is the fact that you can study at your own pace and not that of others. This makes professional development accessible to more people, allowing for an easier balance of study and other personal commitments.

However, that’s far from being the only benefit. Enrol in an online course in zoology, and you’ll get to enjoy a number of benefits that aid your learning journey, such as...

  • Coursework and content that industry experts create

  • Support from an expert mentor with valuable real-world experience

  • Course fees that are a fraction of what you’d pay to learn in-person

  • Content delivered via video modules for an immersive experience

  • Online simulations for practical skills development

  • Zero entry requirements, unlike a degree

How Self-Paced Online Education Aids Learning

No matter if you’re learning about animal health care or accountancy, self-paced further study is something that truly aids the learning process. Of course, a zoology course online is more convenient, but it also offers a number of other benefits that include the ability to:

Spend more time on challenging subjects - there will be parts of your zoology course that you’ll breeze through and others you’ll find more challenging. Self-paced learning allows you to spend more time on those subjects and keep focusing on those tricky areas until you’ve got a full grasp before moving on. This is not an option you get with classroom-based training.

Be more efficient with your time - have you ever noticed how much time is wasted during your day, such as on the commute to work or during your lunch break? Self-paced, video-based learning gives you the option to use this otherwise ‘dead time’, meaning that you’re much more economical with the time you spend on studying.

Enhance your memory performance - studies have also shown that self-paced learning can result in major improvements in memory performance, which naturally aids knowledge retention. Simply put, a self-directed zoology course online allows for more impactful study in a way that fits your lifestyle and other personal obligations. Amazing, right?

Realise Your Career Ambitions With OCA Self-Paced Zoology Course Online

So, if you’ve got ambitions to work in the exciting field of zoology, an OCA self-paced, video-based, CPD-endorsed zoology course online makes gaining the necessary skills so much easier and accessible. In addition, the learning experience offered is next-level, with our content being created in collaboration with top experts from the industry.

To get a closer look at what this next-level study experience looks like, take a peek at our Student Study Demo, which tells you everything you need to know. If, however, you’d prefer to take a look at our full selection of courses that cover over 20+ industries, visit us today at, where you’ll also see our flexible payment plans.

Should you need to talk to us directly about your learning needs prior to enrolment in a zoology course online, we’re more than happy to assist. Just call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected], and we’ll do our utmost to give you the answers you need.

Ignite Your Passion with a Career in Zoology


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Ignite Your Passion with a Career in Zoology
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