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Working with animals is highly rewarding, no matter what sector you’re in, and an animal science course online will open you up to a wealth of career possibilities in Australia. Whether you’re looking to work in veterinary nursing, at an animal rescue centre, with livestock farming or in zoology, the roles all have one thing in come - a passion for animal health and wellbeing.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what an animal science course online can do for your career and the kinds of fields you’ll be able to work in. We’ll also be closely examining the benefits that online career development like this offers over traditional in-person training courses.

What Exactly IS Animal Science?

If you look at the textbook definition of animal science, it’s ‘the study of the biology & behaviour of animals that are under the control of humankind’. So, in addition to companion animals like dogs and cats, it also relates to animal husbandry of livestock and the care of zoo-based animals.

It’s a vital field, too, as it allows us to keep humans, animals and our ecology safe while helping us to understand how diseases are transmitted between us and them. As such, successful completion of an animal science course online opens you up to a range of rewarding careers that include:

  • Wildlife conservation officer

  • Research project professional

  • Animal physiotherapist

Animal-science-related animal welfare career opportunities like these are very well-paid, with average salaries in the region of $94k per year. The great news is that you can get started on your own career with an OCA animal science course online that offers a flexible, affordable and highly-engaging learning experience that beats traditional options hands-down.

Traditional Animal Science Training Options

Traditionally, if you wanted to work in animal science, you needed to get a credit-point-based bachelor of science or some other biochemistry degree. The prerequisite for a postgraduate degree like this is also hard to attain, as eligibility involves having A levels.

It’s a costly route to take financially and in terms of time, too, as it can cost tens of thousands of dollars and involve several years of full-time university study.

TAFE Courses Represent Another Popular Option

Another professional development route you can take to work in animal-science-related fields is the TAFE option, which also involves spending 1-2 years of in-person on campus. Work placement is provided as part of the course so as to gain valuable practical experience.

The tuition fees are also quite high (although not quite as high as a degree), with the hands-on qualifications taken including the following:

  • ACM30122 Certificate III in Animal Care Services

  • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Vet Nursing

  • ACM50117 - Diploma of Animal Technology

The cost of veterinary science higher education like this can also be quite high (unless heavily subsidised by the Australian government), although you do get valuable work experience. That said, the much more flexible and affordable option - as the title of our blog alludes to - is to enrol in an OCA animal science course online.

An Animal Science Course Online Offers Many Benefits

The first great thing about OCA online learning is that there are no entry requirements, meaning that even if you leave high school without qualifications, you can still get involved. Our learning is also much easier on the pocket, with our course fees representing a fraction of what you’d pay for similar in-person learning.

Other benefits of OCA online courses include:

  • World-class coursework - our courses are created in collaboration with top experts from the industry, so you get relevant training that allows you to thrive in the sector.

  • Complete flexibility - with online learning, you get to learn part-time or full-time, whether that’s late at night or during your lunch break. Just an internet-connected phone is needed.

  • Location no longer matters - remote learning allows both domestic students and CRICOS international students to get involved. English language speakers from New York to New Zealand can learn with OCA - and, of course, Australian students!

  • Expert Mentoring - as you progress, you’re not on your own, as you get your own 1-to-1 expert mentor who can guide you, as well as give you lots of valuable industry insight.

Whether studying via an animal science course online or in person, the learning outcomes are the same, as you’ll discover when enrolling. Sustainability is easy, too, as you control every aspect.

What You'll Learn in an Online Animal Science Course

OCA animal care courses cater for all skill levels and are comprehensive in nature. As such, the animal science aspects include the fundamentals, as well as topics like:

  • Disease prevention & management

  • Ethical considerations in animal care

  • Elective animal care considerations

  • Animal anatomy & physiology

  • Animal behaviour & psychology

  • Genetics & breeding

  • Nutrition & feeding

Of course, you’ll need practical experience to apply what you learn. However, you can gain these practical skills easily enough by volunteering at a vet clinic, kennel or animal shelter or by applying for an internship.

Start Your Animal Science Career Well With OCA Online Learning

If you’re interested in a career in animal science or animal care, then there’s no better way to learn the necessary skills than with an OCA animal science course online. CPD-endorsed, super-engaging, and full of all the info you could possibly need, we offer a next-level learning experience that can get your career off to a great start.

For further information about what it’s like to study with us, watch our Student Study Demo. Alternatively, to see our full course library that covers more than 20 different professional sectors, visit us today at

However, if you’d like to speak to us before you enrol, we’re more than happy to help. Simply enquire by calling 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. The moment we hear from you, we’ll do our best to give you the answers you need.

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