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Many businesses across Australia, and indeed the world, have had to rethink how they operate because of the pandemic, with remote working becoming much more widespread. While this was out of necessity, it has opened up many more work-from-home possibilities, but the question is - is it possible to use this training to become a bookkeeper?

Well, the short answer to that particular question is yes, absolutely you can. Thanks to advances in remote working technologies and flexible financial planning courses, it’s now possible to not only train to be a bookkeeper but also to carry out your role once you’ve qualified - all from home. Let’s take a closer, more detailed look at the subject.

Bookkeepers Are Always In Demand

There’s one thing you’ll pretty much always be sure of when working as a bookkeeper or indeed as an accountant - your services will be in demand. The skills this kind of professional has are vital to all kinds of businesses who have to submit yearly accounts and balance the books on an ongoing basis.

The role of a bookkeeper is an interesting and rewarding one in itself, however, it does also open up a range of career paths, such as:

  • A Chartered accountant
  • A Company secretary
  • An External auditor
  • A Forensic accountant

What’s more, it can be a well-paid career, with salaries of between $65-$80k not uncommon for experienced bookkeepers in Australia. So, it’s a great work-at-home option for anyone looking for a rewarding career and it doesn’t require a huge initial investment to get started either. 

Online Training - There When You Need It

The good news is that the skills you need to become a bookkeeper can be gained online at your own pace, with online training organisations like ours at OCA. Able to be taken as and when you have the time, our financial planning and budgeting courses come in bite-sized segments, meaning you can fit each one around your current obligations.

Micro-learning is incredibly popular these days, as it leverages the fact that people take on information better when learning is broken up into small 5-minute modules. In addition to this, these financial planning short courses can be paid for in instalments, so there should be no financial barrier to you realising your career ambitions.

It’s something that can be used throughout your career too, helping you to augment your skillset as you go, adding even more strings to your bow and making yourself even more employable. Online training is a resource that certainly shouldn’t be ignored.

Start Your Home-Based Bookkeeping Career Today

So, if you’d like to know more about anything discussed here or the perfect option to get you started in our Introduction to Booking Certificate, come and visit us online at There you’ll also find details of how each hour of our courses - that cover a wide range of industries - counts towards a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about your professional training needs, we’ll be more than happy to assist. Just call us on 1300 611 404 and a member of our friendly team will steer you in the right direction. 


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