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Study any travel short course online, and you’ll soon discover a dazzling array of choices available to would-be holidaymakers. One that many enjoy regularly is the cruise ship holiday, which offers something different compared to package breaks at a resort. If you’ve never taken one, it’s one we’d recommend.

That’s what we look at in this blog, as we offer 5 compelling benefits cruise ship holidaymakers enjoy. In the end, we’ll cover how flexible online travel courses  can be of great use to anyone wanting to gain entry into the industry as a professional, but let’s first dive in and tell you all about why a cruise ship holiday offers a truly unique experience. 

Reason #1 - Cruise Ships Have High-Quality Entertainment

While activities are usually offered at resort destinations, the entertainment provided on a cruise ship is typically much higher quality. On board most cruise ships, you’ll find Broadway-standard shows every night, with musical acts, comedians and more. 

There are other social options like casinos that let you fully flex your gambling and interpersonal skills, meaning there’s no reason at all why you should ever be bored onboard a cruise liner. 

Reason #2 - Cruises Cater To All Ages

Something else you’ll learn about on any good travel management course  is the need for holiday operators to cater for all ages, and cruise ship holidays absolutely do. They’re family-friendly, meaning that whether you have a teenager or a newborn baby, many activities will occupy the youngsters while also allowing the grown-ups to relax and unwind.

Reason #3 - You Get Holiday Ocean Views 24/7

One of the most significant advantages of a cruise ship is that you get an incredible view of the ocean around the clock. Offering a beautiful backdrop during the day and allowing for breathtaking stargazing to be had on deck at night, there’s nothing quite like a cruise trip break in the holidaying world.

Reason #4 - Holiday Adventures & Excursions

As online travel courses show us, cruise ships don’t spend the entire time at sea; they will typically stop at selected ports and places of interest. That means you get to experience a variety of different cultures and countries, with all their sights, sounds and cuisines. What’s more, there are usually a number of excursions you can sign up for that provide all the adventure you could possibly need 

Reason #5 - Less Time Travelling, More Time Enjoying The Island Cruise 

Another great reason to consider a cruise holiday is that you spend much less time travelling to your destination and more time having fun. Sure, you’re still travelling while you’re on board, but it’s something you don’t really notice as you enjoy yourself. The enjoyment starts from minute one, particularly when starting your journey from a port in your locale!

An Exciting Travel Industry Full of Career Potential

Cruise holidays represent one part of the travel industry that’s getting back on its feet after the pandemic, meaning that many career opportunities are on offer. If you’re someone looking to get into the industry as a professional, training has never been more affordable or convenient, thanks to flexible travel courses online like our Travel & Tourism Advanced Course.

This course is just like all the training we offer at OCA in that it’s provided in a highly stimulating short video course format that makes learning so much more engaging. So, if you’d like to know more about how our courses are CPD-approved and able to be paid for in manageable instalments, simply visit us at

However, if you would prefer to speak to a member of our team prior to enrolling, we’re here to help. Just call us today on 1300 611 404, and we’ll direct you to the ideal training for your needs.

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