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Taking professional travel courses online opens you up to a world of possibilities in an industry that’s as wide-ranging as it is exciting. It’s big business, too, with tourism expected to make up a massive 11% of Australia’s GDP by 2025 and with many different specialisms contained within.

 What Are The Types Of Tourism That Focus On Wine Tasting?  

One such specialism is Enotourism, which translates to wine-tasting holidays to you and me. From cellar visits to vineyard tours to festivals and fetes, there’s much vacationing around the world that centres around this delicious pastime that takes in some of the most beautiful scenery around.

What Is A Wine Tour?  

As tourism marketing courses show, While some travel to seek out new cultural experiences, others do so to immerse themselves in another country’s viticulture, sampling the flavours, history and locale of wine production. Often involving travel to some of the world’s most beautiful rural locations, it’s undoubtedly an exciting niche for anyone considering a career change.

Rather than focusing on a country’s main tourist attractions, this food tourism subset allows travellers to dig deep into some of the world’s most amazing wine-producing regions. Featuring guided tours, museum visits and more, they represent a dream experience for wine connoisseurs.

The Types of Wine Experiences Travellers Can Enjoy

While travel marketing courses  teach us that enotourism is a specialism within the tourism industry, it can also be broken down into a myriad of different experiences.

  • Wine Cellar & Winery Tours - here, you get to see, up close, how a working winery operates. An expert will typically accompany you through their facility, explaining each step from planting right through to bottling and labelling.
  • Wine Museums Visits - another exciting part of enotourism for wine lovers is a visit to a wine museum that will usually contain permanent exhibits that detail the production traditions of your area.
  • Tasting Sessions - real wine enthusiasts will love this option, where you get invited to sample a range of local wines in small quantities. 
  • Wine ‘Experiences’ - some estates will even allow you to visit them amidst grape harvest season, as travellers get to participate in the production. Allowing people to get their hands dirty and get involved in aspects like treading is an experience to remember.

These wine experiences will vary depending on the region visited by the holidaymaker. As good wine is closely linked to abundant sunshine, they can take you to some of the world’s most beautiful locations that include areas like:

  • Rioja, Spain
  • Champagne & Bordeaux, France
  • Piedmont & Tuscany, Italy
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Barrosa & Yarra, Australia
  • Franschhoek, South Africa
  • Napa Valley in the US

As someone looking for recruitment online in the tourism industry, employment in the world of wine tours offers a truly unique working experience. It’s the kind of work that can become a passion, allowing you to enjoy all the sights, sounds and aromas it involves. 

Qualify For Roles In Tourism With OCA Short Online Courses 

Wine tours represent just a small sub-section of the many incredible professional sectors the tourism industry offers. What’s more, gaining access to the field is easier than ever, thanks to video-based, CPD Endorsed short courses  like those included in our Travel & Tourism Bundle

Easily digestible and offered with 1 to 1 mentoring, our cheap  courses provide an immersive and mentally-stimulating learning experience - as can be seen by our Student Study Demo. To find out more about how we do things at OCA or to see our entire course library that covers 20+ industries, visit us today at

Alternatively, to contact us to have any questions answered, simply call our education support workers on 1300 611 404 or drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll reply to you as soon as we possibly can.

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