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While kids aren't quite as disciplined as they used to be in yesteryear, they are expected to be well-behaved when it matters. Generally speaking, the approach to raising children  has changed much in recent years, but the main principles regarding behaviour have remained the same.

Why Is Good Behaviour Important In Kids? 

Good manners, politeness, and other forms of good behaviour help to prepare them for adulthood when it's expected. As such, the parental guidance  you provide should be geared toward rewarding good behaviour and not bad. There are lots more things you can do to encourage it, too.

What Strategies Are Used To Manage Children's Behaviour? 

Around one in seven Australian children have some kind of behavioural disorder, with the most common being ADHD, and in these cases, additional assistance may be required. However, for the majority, the following methods can work rather well in terms of using child psychology  to instil the right behaviours in your child. Let’s look now at five of the main ones.

  • Method #1 - Recognise Good Behaviour

As most good parenting courses  will teach you, offering praise for good behaviour is a fantastic way to highlight the rewards of doing the right thing for your child. By doing this, rather than pointing out all the things they’re not doing right, it can be so much more encouraging. It also means that they won’t start associating you with a telling-off - something that can quickly drive a wedge between you and your child. 

  • Method #2 - Role Model The Right Behaviour

There’s no better way to instil the best behaviours in your child than by walking the walk and practising what you preach. Your kids are much more likely to accept having to do things a certain way if you demonstrate the correct way every day. Do the opposite and take the ‘do what I say, not what I do’ approach, and it can breed resentment, which then leads to bad behaviour. 

  • Method #3 - Explain Your Reasoning

Kids will only listen to commands for so long without any reasoning to back them up, so be sure to explain things at the time. Instead of shouting, ‘Stop Being Noisy!’, calmly say, ‘Daddy can’t hear what he’s doing, and it’s important that he does'

Reasoning like this makes your child feel a little more grown up, less like they’re in trouble and much more likely to comply with your request.

  • Method #4 - Show Your Child What a Sincere Apology is Like

Childcare courses  often focus on reconciliation between children because, like it or not, conflicts often arise between children. A central part of this is knowing that a sincere apology needs to be given to another child if they’ve been naughty. By focusing on the correct way, i.e. the child’s name followed by ‘I’m sorry’, you’ll show them how it’s done and that it’s expected.

  • Method #5 - Give Them the Opportunity to Rectify Their Mistake

Another reason some kids misbehave is that they don’t quite understand their actions' impact on an object or another person. A great way to teach comprehension of this is by giving your child a chance to undo what they’ve done.

An example could be that they have taken a toy from another kid without asking. Getting them to return it and understand that it wouldn’t be nice if it happened to them can be genuinely impactful.

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