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Depending on the industry you work in, the idea of employee uniforms may or may not be second nature. At present, just over half of all Australians wear a uniform to work. The question is - why? As business management courses show, they do offer a number of benefits to the company, and it's what we look at here in this article. 

What Is Considered A Uniform For Work?

Generally speaking, a work uniform can be represented by any clothing that's worn to work and carries the company logo or colour scheme. This might take the form of a polo shirt, T-shirt, company blazer, or even an apron. Particularly when talking about customer-facing businesses, they're commonplace. 

What Are The Advantages For A Company Of Having A Uniform?

The fact that more than 50% of Australians wear a uniform to work can't be a coincidence, meaning that there are benefits to be had for any company that introduces them. As online learning in the subject shows, these benefits are far-reaching and pervasive, so let's dive in and see what's what. 

  • Benefit - Free Advertising 

When employees wear uniforms, they'll naturally be wearing them to and from work each and every day. This represents free advertising on every journey that's made. So long as the person wearing your company colours is well-behaved and professional as they commute, everyone they rub shoulders with on their journey will get reminded about what your business offers.

Believe it or not, job uniform advertising can be as much as 9x more effective at raising brand awareness than traditional means, so it's certainly worth your consideration. 

  • Benefit - Employees Save Money

Another major benefit - this time for your employees - of having a work uniform is that it will actually end up saving your staff money. You see, it can cost a fortune trying to keep up with the latest fashions and trends, and right now, everyone needs to tighten their belts, economically speaking. 

By providing uniforms, the concept of work attire is immutable and structured, meaning your employees get to keep more of their money in their pockets for more important things. 

  • Benefit - Builds Customer Trust 

Take just one or two short courses online in marketing, and you will soon see that uniform plays a part here too. You see, when customers see everyone wearing the same attire (in customer-facing environments), it presents a professional image that engenders trust in what it is you offer.

Trust then quickly turns into customer loyalty, meaning you've done what you need to be front of your mind as the go-to supplier of your products and services. 

  • Benefit - Teams Bond Better 

While it might only be obvious to some, work uniforms help to create a sense of belonging to something bigger for employees. In addition to creating a professional atmosphere, when everyone wears the same uniform, it can boost staff morale and energise their performance.

Engaged teams can be up to 21% more productive than those that aren't, so a stylish, well-presented uniform can have a tangible business value. 

Evidently, there's much to be said for a team wearing a shared uniform, as it does far more than just improve how professional your team looks. Employee engagement, a sense of belonging, free advertising, and customer trust are just some of the many advantages a well-designed uniform brings.

It's a bit of a no-brainer when you think about it. 

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