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Our industry leading Teachers Aide (Advanced) course is designed to provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to work in education support. It's also a fantastic teachers aide course if you already work in the industry and want to refresh or enhance your CV!

"I have recently completed my Teachers Aide (Advanced) certificate and I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support team. I would like to thank Lisa and Susan for their guidance, lovely friendly voices on the phone and their passion and dedication to see me succeed. The girls are very easy to talk with and gave me lots of advice and confidence to finish along the way. Their professionalism and constant contact with me via email and phone gave me the necessary tasks to complete my course with easy to follow instructions.  I'm certainly glad I asked!" - Kristy

Our Advanced Teachers Aide Certificate will help you to display the key soft skills required to make it as a successful education support worker. 

Students of this Advanced Teachers Aide Course study the most effective, best practice, research-based classroom practices including behaviour management techniques, teaching strategies, and how to provide operational and logistical support to the teacher. Students learn how to implement a range of pedagogical skills such as explicit instruction, feedback techniques, metacognitive skills, play-based learning, and dozens of literacy and numeracy strategies such as active reading and graphic organisers. In addition, students learn to apply these skills to support the learning, behaviour and developmental needs of students with disabilities and disorders including complex needs such as multiple-disabilities and comorbidities.

Teacher aides need to be:

  • understanding and patient
  • able to follow instructions
  • able to work well under pressure
  • enthusiastic, open-minded and able to motivate children
  • skilled at communicating clearly with children and adults from a range of backgrounds and cultures
  • practical, organised and good at solving problems quickly
  • creative and adaptable
  • able to work well in a team.

There are no formal qualifications required to become a teacher aide. However, many employers prefer to hire teacher aides who have experience working with young people. Teacher aides must undergo a police background check.

What will you learn with our Advanced Teachers Aide Course?

This course will fully prepare you for a career in the classroom, helping teachers to educate, support and inspire students.

This course will give you the expertise to communicate and work collaboratively with teachers and colleagues, as well as to support the holistic wellbeing, health and safety of all students.

You will master the skills that you need to effectively help children learn and develop numeracy, literacy and oral language skills.

During your studies you will learn how to help children and teens with behavioural issues, and how to fully support and assist those with special learning needs.

You will become adept at implementing planned education programs in classroom settings, as well as helping with the organisation and management of classrooms and community education centres.

Why should you invest in this teachers aide course? 

Succeeding in today's society requires a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. This course will show employers currency in your skills and knowledge and commitment in achieving career goals & becoming a better employee.  

Please check with your state department for the relevant "checks/permissions" that may be required to gain employment in this industry (I.E Blue card for working with children).

For any additional questions please see our comprehensive FAQ's.

Industry Recognised
What do I get at the end of my course?


Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an Online Courses Australia Certificate of Achievement in Teachers Aide Advanced Certificate. This can be printed upon request.

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Where is your digital badge stored?

Every student receives an online portfolio where digital badges can be stored. So, you can share this with prospective employers, friends and colleagues. You can store all your learning and certificates (from different providers) in one secure place.


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Career + Personal
Development Pathways

  • Teachers Aide
  • School Officer
  • Education Support Officer
  • Special Education Support Officer
  • Integration Officer
  • Integration Aide
  • Education Support Worker
  • Home Tutor
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Pre-Requisites and Important Information

There are no formal requirements to do this course. 

This Teachers Aide Advanced Certificate is designed for people with little or no prior experience in the education industry who would like to start a career as a full-time or part-time Teachers Aide or Education Support Officer. The course is delivered 100% percent online 24/7 and takes 150 hours to complete.

To successfully complete this course, a student must:

Have access to the internet and the necessary technical skills to navigate the online learning resources

Have access to any mobile device with internet connectivity (laptop, desktop, tablet)

Be a self-directed learner

Possess sound language and literacy skills

Course Topics

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Sample Video from our Teachers Aide (Advanced) course PLUS an extract from the topic - Promote Children Agency.

This is a foundational topic and will give you the skills and knowledge required to promote and encourage children’s agency. Let’s start off by learning about the different theories and/or approaches about childhood learning.

Emergent Curriculum
This approach concentrates on recording, documenting and responding to what happens throughout the day rather than predetermined planning. It is a very interest-based curriculum that builds upon and responds to children’s skills, abilities, interests, knowledge and children’s social relationships and interactions. As an Educator, you are encouraged to create provocations to appeal to children, capture their curiosity and interest and create new learning opportunities. Emergent curriculum allows you to respond to spontaneous or unexpected events. Under this approach children are viewed as capable and that new skills and knowledge will emerge from their interactions with others and as theywork on areas or investigations of interest.

An Emergent Curriculum emphasises the process of learning rather than the product. It involves:

• Areas well stocked with materials that can be utilised in a variety of ideas and interests (e.g. different areas for science, creative, natural, technology, etc.)

• Materials offered to children in inviting ways which encourage creativity and self-selection(e.g. open baskets, containers, art and craft trolley)

• Flexible routines, which are relaxed and unhurried

• Children involved in the setup of the day’s learning experiences

• Educators who capture teachable moments (intentional teaching) ask questions to stimulate conversations and offer guidance and suggestions

Reggio Emelia Method (Loris Malaguzzi)
During the last ten years, this approach has begun to influence a large number of early childhood services and practices. The approach is named after the province in Italy where it was founded and does not refer to the philosopher’s name. After the World War II, the community of Reggio Emilia came together to rebuild the schools and were guided by Loris Malaguzzi whose vision was to create settings where children would learn, create, grow, collaborate, revisit experiences and reflect on them, where all—including children, families, educators and community—felt a sense of belonging. Malaguzzi strived to make children’s learning visible not only to them but toothers. He believed that children were capable and constructed their knowledge and understanding through explorations, collaborating with others and continually revisiting and reflecting. The term, ‘One hundred languages of children’ is a phrase that Malaguzzi used to remind us that children communicate in a wide variety ofways. With the Reggio Emilia approach, there are six essential areas:
1. Parental involvement
2. Environment
3. Role of teachers
4. Curriculum
5. Project work
6. Documentation
For more information on this method refer to the supplementary learning resources in this course.

Montessori Approach (Maria Montessori)
The Montessori approach was developed over 100 years ago in Italy by Maria Montessori. Her vision for childhood had a welcoming, ordered environment that provided children with a sense of predictability and security. It also included children taking part in ‘children’s work’ with specifically designed equipment for a specific purpose. This includes goal-orientated activity rather than play. There are many Montessori services in Australia, and many of which require Educators to have additional qualifications or courses in the Montessori Method alongside their Children’s Services Qualification for employment. For more information on this methodrefer to the supplementary learning resources in this course.

Rudolph Steiner/Waldorf
The work and approach by Rudolph Steiner have been referred to as ‘Steiner Schools’ or the ‘Waldorf system of education’ and these terms are used interchangeably. Steiner was an Austrian Philosopher and was very interested in the development of the ‘whole child and a balance between children’s artistic, academic, practical and spiritual needs. Entering a Steiner classroom, you will notice a focus on the use of natural materials rather than plastic and other manufactured items. There is also an emphasis on the use of creativity, storytelling, puppetry, drama, music, gardening, drawing and painting. For more information on this method refer to the supplementary learning resources in this course.

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