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This amazing NEW course bundle will not only save you over $400, it will give you the career boost you are looking for. This childcare course bundle includes 5 certificate courses:

Childcare - Career Sampler (Valued at $149)

Working with Children 101 (Valued at $199)

Healthy Eating for Kids (Valued at $99)

Caring for Babies, Toddlers & Children (Valued at $99)

Advanced Childcare Certificate (Valued at $499)

Industry Recognised
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an OCA Certificate of Achievement in Childcare Course Bundle (5 Certificates).

Career Pathways

  • Childcare Assistant
  • Childcare Worker
  • Family Day Carer
  • Playgroup Supervisor
  • Recreation Assistant
  • Professional Nanny

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Sample extract from our online Advanced Certificate in Childcare course, topic - Implement Strategies for the Inclusion of all Children

Demonstrate a belief in children’s capacity to succeed in all interactions with families and children As the lead educator, you hold the key to unlocking each child’s full potential. Believing in each child’s capacity to succeed must be reflected in your daily practice, and evident in all your interactions with children and their families. Communicating with children and families in a positive manner at every opportunity helps build the trust and bond required for a successful relationship between your service, the child, and their family members.

Naturally, since we are all individuals, there will be great variations among children in the things they want to do, in order for them to prove to themselves that what they believe about themselves is true. It is the educator’s responsibility to ensure all children are presented with opportunities to succeed.

Activities that allow the child to perpetuate their positive self-image are activities that they know they are good at and can achieve successfully each time. If you want children to adopt certain behaviours, they must be able to do them well. That is, a child must be able to do something well before they will do it automatically, free flowingly and competently.

It is important that all children see value in themselves and are able to understand that they each have their own individual strengths, which are valued by their peers. A program that is limited and does not adequately cater for the variations within the group will not provide all children in the group with opportunities to demonstrate their individual strengths.

If a child spends the whole time at your service doing things that reinforce relative weakness, their self-esteem will be diminished by the experience. This does not mean that every experience you plan must allow the child to excel. Instead, it simply means your program needs to include a balanced distribution of opportunities across all children’s areas of strengths.

In planning opportunities for children to experience their individual strengths, your program needs to respond to children’s individual differences. A principal determinant of the activities you plan should be the ages of the children you are planning for. Each opportunity must enrich the development of each child’s self-concept and self-esteem. Other aspects that may have a bearing on the activities include their gender, family background, lifestyle, abilities, cultural beliefs and practices, temperament, interests, and acceptance of, and by, their peers.

The style of interaction, formal, informal, planned, spontaneous, small or large group, etc. Will also play a part in influencing what is planned and presented.

By holding onto the belief that every child has the capacity to succeed, you will design your program to include various activities and experiences that will allow each child to succeed. The next step is to ensure you demonstrate this belief in your interactions with children and their families; this can be done through how you communicate. Later in this chapter you will discuss the importance of working in partnerships with families, which will allow you to demonstrate this belief.

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