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Pick the brains of any successful manager to find out the biggest barriers to success, and more often than not, they’ll say something like ‘there are not enough hours in the day’. So, to overcome this obstacle, top business managers need great time management skills. The good news for those who have trouble in this regard is that these skills can be worked with a business management course from OCA. 

We will briefly cover how easy it is to access online learning to help you develop your business management prowess at the end, but first, we’re going to talk through a few ways in which you can make more time during the working day for those tasks you just don’t seem to be able to get around to.

Saying No When You Need To

As a manager of employees and all those urgent business affairs, it would be fair to say that you’re going to get asked to do lots of different things by lots of people. The thing is, if you say yes to everything you’re asked to do, you will find it hard to get the bulk of your work done. As a business management course will teach you, you have to learn to say no from time to time, and although it might disappoint some, it’s necessary for your own sake.

Work Closely With Your Diary/Calendar

An essential part of managing your time is knowing precisely what you should do during any day. Most good business management course programs will advise you to keep some kind of working diary, as otherwise, you’ll soon lose your thread. So, whether you prefer to use a good old paper diary or Google Calendar on your phone, make sure you track what you’re doing.

Learn to Delegate Effectively

While any dedicated professional will want to take full ownership of every element of the projects they’re involved with, this isn’t necessarily the best way to make use of your time. Your team is there to support you, so as online learning tells us, you should try to delegate tasks when you need to. That doesn’t mean these tasks are somehow beneath you, just that you’re trying to work efficiently. 

Become a Better Manager With Flexible Online Learning

When you are better at managing your time, you’ll naturally get more time and become a more effective manager. This is just one aspect of what’s required to excel in this kind of setting, and you can learn more about the entire picture with a flexible, affordable business management course from OCA. 

For instance, our Business Management Advanced Course is just one of the many training courses we offer to boost your skills and progress as a professional. This, like every one of our courses, is CPD-approved, created in collaboration with industry experts and comes with dedicated support, 7 days a week. 

So, if you’d like to find out more about this or any of our online learning options, visit us today at and take a look around. If, however, you need guidance or assistance before enrolling, just call us on 1300 611 404 today, and we’ll be delighted to provide the answers you’re looking for. 

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