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How to Write a Business Plan | For only $149 |   Payment Plan
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  • Starting a business is possibly one of the most difficult and challenges things you will do in your life.  Make it easier with this course and avoid living up to the famous saying, "By failing to plan, you plan to fail".  Join the many successful business people that started it all with a simple business plan.

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    Plus you’ll learn what a business plan is, and its main components; the legal and administrative requirements of a business; the importance of a business name; goal setting objectives; growth strategies; business risks; marketing process; operations planning; the importance of human resources; and the purpose of financial planning.

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    Sample extract from our How to Write a Business Plan course (Topic - Plan E-Marketing Communications).

    Purpose and objectives of e-marketing

    The purpose and objectives of an organisation’s e-marketing activities may depend on their individual circumstances. Purpose may include:

    • Building and maintaining customer relationships through electronic communications

    • Collecting direct responses

    • Distributing information via the internet

    • Generating leads by attracting potential customers

    • Internet advertising

    • Online transactions

    Your e-marketing objectives are the definitions of what you want to achieve through your campaign. Why are you using e-marketing activities? What do you wish to gain?

    Your e-marketing objectives may relate to:

    • Building relationships

    • Tracking progress

    • Establishing a presence

    • Building visibility and awareness

    • Generating sales and motivating transactions

    • Creating desire

    • Enhancing customer service and facilitating customer feedback

    RACE digital marketing planning system

    Smart Insights have created a model called RACE to help plan digital marketing campaigns and objectives.

    Before you can RACE, you need to plan, so there are five steps to the model:

    PlanThis phase involves creating a digital strategy and transformation plan. You need to review your current use of digital media and technology, create a vision, define objectives and create KPI dashboards to track performance.

    ReachInvolves building awareness of a brand and itsproducts as your audience uses mobile and desktop devices. You need to choose the best mix of media to build traffic by driving visits to your website or social media pages.

    ActAct is short for ‘interact’. You must devise the best customer journeys and content marketing to persuade visitors to become leads when they reach your website or social media site.

    ConvertConvert is the all-important conversion of leads or inquiries into sales. You need toget your audience to take that next step, turning them into customers.

    EngageYou need to develop customer retention plans using communications on your site, social presence, email and direct interactions to boost customer lifetime value. It’s also about improving customer experience and encouraging buyers to recommend you to others.

    If you would like to preview this How to Write a Business Plan course in more detail, click on DEMO above or call our team on 1300 611 404. You may also be interested in our How to Start a Business course - click here.


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