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If you’ve been running a business since the pandemic hit, then it can’t have escaped your notice that a lot of meetings now happen virtually over platforms like Zoom. As business administration courses how us, running any kind of meeting has its challenges; however, when carried out remotely, the job of making sure everything runs smoothly gets even harder.

This is a medium that’s going nowhere anytime soon, so we’re going to help you by providing you with 5 handy tips that you can use to ensure that your remote meetings go well and meet the objectives you set out to achieve. After this, we’ll touch on how easy it is to develop your business admin knowledge and expertise with flexible learning from OCA.

Tip 1 - Introduce Everyone at the Start

While you may know everyone on the call due to being the organiser, there’s a chance that they may not know each other. Taking the time to give everyone an introduction about who they are and what they do will get your remote meeting off to a great start, with all attending understanding exactly who’s present. 

Tip 2 - Understand the Platform & Get a Plan B

Business administration courses tell you how to structure your meeting, but they don’t tend to deal with the specifics of the tools you’re using. However, it’s important that you know the platform you’re using inside out so that you can overcome any glitches along the way. Also, try and have a plan B to fall back on should things not go to plan. 

Tip 3 - Plan & Share an Agenda Prior to the Meeting

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, so taking the time to create an agenda and share it with meeting participants will help things progress more smoothly. This means that less time will be spent getting everyone up to speed and allowing them to prepare themselves fully.

Tip 4 - Only Invite Relevant People

Free online Zoom conferencing courses will usually highlight that the more people being hosted in any remote meeting, the more tricky it can be for everyone to have their say. Only inviting people who need to be there, it makes it easier to organise and prevents the platform from overloading and lagging.

Tip 5 - Establish Some Meeting Ground Rules

Something else you’ll find out more about when taking business administration courses is the need for a meeting framework, whether remote or otherwise. For instance, if everyone’s eager to contribute, it can get quite chaotic with people talking over each other. Establishing a rule that only the person nominated by the meeting leader can speak will ensure decorum is maintained.

Streamline Operations With Business Administration Courses

Remote meeting platforms represent a medium that’s here to stay, and by implementing these tips, you’ll ensure that your meetings go smoothly. This kind of knowledge allows you to be more productive and efficient, so if you’d like to know how to gain access to more insight like this, why not consider flexible training like our Business Administration Advanced Course?

Like all of the industry-led training we offer at OCA, it’s CPD-approved, comes with dedicated support 7 days a week and can even be paid for with one of a choice of instalment options. To find out more about our business administration courses or, indeed, any of the training we offer across over 20 different sectors, visit us today at 

Alternatively, to speak to us about your precise training needs, call us on 1300 611 404. We’re eager to help you find the perfect solution, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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