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Thinking about a career working with animals? You’ve probably already considered the more popular choices, such as a veterinarian or a marine biologist, or maybe you’ve even contemplated a job working in a Zoo. And while these are all great professions, there are many other jobs in animal care that you may not have even heard of, such as vet nurse jobs.

Here we do a round-up of some pretty quirky jobs for all the animal lovers out there:

Snake milker

Snake Milker

Before you think that we’re pulling your leg, yes, this is a real job! And a pretty important one at that. Zoos and serpentaria employ people to extract venom from poisonous snakes so that anti-venom can be made. This is a way to save lives if someone is bitten by a poisonous snake, such as a brown snake or red belly black. 

Animal dentist

Animal Dentist

Just like a human dentist, a veterinary dentist does the same thing to animals. Whether it’s the cleaning and operating on dogs and cats or larger animals such as those kept in sanctuaries and zoos, an animal dentist helps out with that extra bit of dental hygiene.  

Animal colourist

Animal Colourist

Perhaps you’re a bit of an artist? If so, you can now put your artistic flair to good use and a job as an animal colourist may be for you! Just like a script may call for an actor to dye their hair for a film role, animals may need to dye their hair too. Professionals use non-toxic dye to safely colour the animals. Ever seen a zebra in a film or in a TV ad? more often than not, it’s actually a white horse with black stripes painted on, and their mane and tail dyed black!

Wolf biologist

Wolf Biologist

If you like spending a lot of time outdoors, this might be your job. A job as a wolf biologist is the study of the behaviour and migration pattern of wolves in their natural habitat. Other people may work with wolves in captivity or work to relocate wolves to a new habitat. 

Exercise rider

Exercise Rider

Love riding horses? Working with race horses, an exercise rider rides and helps train these horses by taking them for workouts. Horse trainers generally want the horse to work at a certain speed; therefore, exercise riders are trained to work out how fast the horse is going.

Animal nutritionist

Animal Nutritionist

Just like us, animals have to eat, and a job as an animal nutritionist helps organisations such as zoos determine how much, what and when to feed these animals. Anyone wanting a job as an animal nutritionist requires extensive knowledge of both animal behaviour and nutrition, so at least a bachelor's degree is necessary if not a master's degree or even a PhD. If you are curious about any jobs with animals, chat with a support team worker today. 

If any of these unusual jobs working with animals sound interesting, you can find out more about the Animal Care Courses on offer at OCA.

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Vet Nurse Course

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Need help writing your resume? We have a course just for you. Alternatively, enquire about vet nurse jobs today!

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