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When you see how much interest we get in training related to animals, such as dog grooming courses, it's not hard to see that Aussies love pets. Within the pet care industry, many jobs are available, such as animal trainer positions. This kind of role is an animal lover's dream, but many people aren't fully aware of what the job entails - which we look at in this article.

How Much Do Animal Trainers Get Paid In Australia? 

Anyone completing the relevant online learning  and becoming an animal trainer in Australia can expect to earn an average of $42k in the first three years, which can go up to as much as $67k when you get to a senior level. So, it's not all about the love of animals, as plenty of people are also into the role because of the excellent pay that it offers—something to think about most certainly.

What Do People Do As Animal trainers? 

As the best animal care short courses online  show, there are some really exciting tasks involved in being an animal trainer, and your working day will most often be varied and unique to the profession. There is nothing like it! So, sit back and relax while we take you through what’s involved and the personal qualities required for the role.

The Animal Trainer Job Description

Essentially, an animal trainer’s job is what it sounds like - to train animals to display particular behaviours whilst stopping them from exhibiting other undesirable ones. Animal trainers work with dogs, marine animals, and even horses, helping them to follow specific commands and become used to regular human contact. These animals can be pets, service animals or even show animals.

As well as working directly with animals, those making a career change  into animal training will typically fulfil several vital duties, which include: 

  • Helping to coach owners - As an animal trainer, you're not just teaching the pet in question, as you'll also be guiding to follow after the coaching session has ended. For this, you'll need patience, understanding, and good communication skills.

  • Solving Problems - The work of animal trainers will sometimes not go completely to plan, and in these cases, it's up to the trainer to determine why a particular training method isn't working. Detecting issues and developing solutions is a big part of the job.
  • Physical Exercise - As you'll find out when taking short animal care courses online, the working day of an animal trainer requires fitness! A lot of lifting, bending, kneeling and running occurs when teaching animals new behaviours, so you'll need high aerobic stamina.
  • Constant Monitoring & Awareness - Animals cannot communicate with us how they’re feeling, so animal trainers need to monitor what's happening constantly. The behaviours of the animal in question will vary from species to species, so a full understanding of how a range of animals behave (when they're happy, sad, frightened etc) is also very important.

Is An Animal Trainer A Career With Good Progression?

While many animal trainers get into the profession just to work with animals every day, there is scope for career progression in the role. One way to advance would be to take what you’ve learned working for someone else and open your own training school.

Then there's the possibility of working with animals in competition, e.g., in greyhound racing, dog agility or show jumping. Australia is a nation of animal lovers, and pet ownership is rising, so animal trainers are always in demand.

Looking to Work in Animal Care? Try Online Courses Australia Online Learning!

If you're looking for a career working with animals or you simply want to understand how to look after your pet better, at Online Courses Australia, we have a wide variety of CPD-Endorsed, video-based animal care short courses online  for you to try. Containing course content created with top industry experts, options like our Essential Animal First Aid Course are a great place to start!

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To see our full library (that contains training for 20+ industries), visit us today at, where you'll also see our flexible payment options. Alternatively, call 1300 611 404 or email[email protected] if you have any questions you’d like answered before you enrol. We look forward very much to hearing from you!

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