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If you’ve ever looked into home and community care courses online at any time, you’ll probably already know that the role involves helping the most vulnerable people in society. As a home and community care worker, you help those in hardship due to poverty, discrimination or domestic violence to live happier, more balanced lives.

It’s an incredibly varied role, too, as you could provide counselling one day and deliver emergency housing the next. You are essentially a safety net for the most vulnerable in what can be an intense and incredibly rewarding career path. If you’re not yet convinced, here we look at 5 compelling reasons why being home and community care worker is a great career move.

Reason #1 -  You Can Make a Real Difference in People’s Lives

After you take a work effectively in the community sector course, you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to make a positive impact on vulnerable people and their welfare. Every single day, the work you do helps those struggling to cope with life to see a brighter future, which is about as rewarding as it gets.

Reason #2 - You Fight for People Who Can’t Fight for Themselves

Another hugely positive part of the role and a reason why home and community care courses online are so popular is the fact that you get to fight the corner of people who can’t do it for themselves. As a community support worker, you’re often all they have, and you get to be that superhero who makes the impossible possible.

Reason #3 - It’s a Career With Real Scope for Progression

When you’ve achieved your work effectively in the community sector certificate, you open yourself up to a wealth of possibilities when it comes to career progression. That’s because there are literally dozens of roles that fall under the banner of ‘community services, so you’re certainly not pigeon-holed into one job type.

Other career paths in community care include:

  • Crisis intervention worker
  • Caseworker
  • Community services manager
  • Support caseworker
  • Case management supervisor
  • Team manager

The path you take is entirely up to you; however, what you do know is that wherever you land, you get to do really meaningful work that affects people’s lives immensely.

Reason #4 - It’s a Job That Pays Well

Another reason why working in community services is a good move is that it pays pretty well. Averagely speaking, someone working in the sector in Australia will be paid around $30 per hour, which works out at an annual salary of around $60k. It’s nice to know that when you’re helping people, you’re getting appropriately rewarded yourself!

Reason #5 - It Really is a Growth Industry

What’s not in doubt is the fact that Australia’s healthcare sector is growing and growing fast. The industry has grown in line with the demand in recent years, which is why so many areas can be explored. From dementia support learning to aged care and disability courses, there’s an increased demand for all kinds of healthcare training.

Getting Started on Your Career in Community Services

We’ve only touched upon the many benefits that come along with getting into the community services sector, and we think we’ve made a pretty compelling argument. The great news is that you can get all of the training you need online, and a great place to start is our work effectively in the community sector certificate.

This 20-hour online course provides you with the skills and knowledge to offer ethical support while meeting the needs of vulnerable people in the community. If you’d like to know more about this or any of our online courses, check out our website where you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Alternatively, if you have any misgivings or questions that you need answering, call us today on 1300 611 404, and we’ll do everything we can to get you started on the path to a highly rewarding career in the community services.

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