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Counselling is an extremely rewarding career for anyone, regardless of age or background, as you get to make a real difference in people’s lives. Counsellors are there to help people gain the tools they need to deal with their everyday lives. Whether talking about personal problems or work issues, the support they provide can be invaluable to the recipient.

Ever thought about a career in counselling? You’ve probably asked yourself questions like, what does the job involve? What kind of person is the role suitable for? Well, that’s precisely what we seek to clarify here as we closely examine what’s involved.

What To Consider Before You Study To Become A Counsellor

One of the primary concerns when thinking of becoming a counsellor in Australia is what the job entails on a day-to-day basis. In this role, as you’ll find out when you study for the role, you could be working in a variety of organisations, from education to welfare to the health sector, and your day-to-day will mainly include:

  • Offering counselling online, by phone or face to face
  • Working with groups, families and individuals
  • Conflict resolution
  • Keeping detailed confidential records of your sessions
  • Building strong relationships with your clients
  • Providing empathy and perspective on their issues that they may not be able to see

The rewarding part for many is the fact that it’s all about helping people to be happier and in better control of their lives, and you get to do that every time you’re at work.

Personal Qualities & Qualifications needed to become a Counsellor

In order to become a fully-fledged counsellor and be considered for entry-level roles in the industry, the academic qualification you need is a Diploma in Counselling - which is then used as a gateway to further studying in the field. Then, when you’re ready to move your counselling career forwards, an undergraduate degree will give you vital practical experience in a real-world environment. 

Those who want to know what to study to become a counsellor also need to consider what personal qualities counsellors need. As well as being empathetic to another person's needs and problems, you'll also need the following:

  • To be an attentive and active listener
  • A genuine passion for helping others
  • A non-judgemental way of thinking
  • To be respectful of professional and confidentiality boundaries
  • A humble and patient demeanour
  • Lots of patience and understanding

 It’s essential to have these qualities to perform the role well and make a difference. The good news is that short counselling courses online can help you confirm your suitability for this rewarding line of work.

A Career in Counselling Offers a Much in the Way of Prospects

In addition to the rewarding nature of the job, counsellors are set to be in demand over the next 5 years, with around 22,000 new job opportunities opening up during that period. So, there’s never been a better time to look into how to start a career in counselling, as it offers much in terms of career progression to someone with the skills to take full advantage of them.

The good news is that it’s possible for anyone to study counselling online to gain the knowledge they need to start a career in the field. At Online Courses Australia, we even offer a short online sampler course before you steam ahead to get the full qualifications needed to become a counsellor.

Think It Might Be a Career For You?

So, if you’re considering counselling as a career, why not try out our career sampler course that's designed to offer a taste of what you could expect to encounter when on the job for real? It's possible to take the 20-hour course at your own pace and even spread the cost out, making it accessible to pretty much everyone!

Suppose you’d like to know more about online study in Australia, why not visit us online at and take our Counselling Course Bundle. You’ll find everything you need to know and more; however, if you need any help signing up or finding the right course for your needs, call our friendly team on 1300 611 404 today, and they’ll answer any questions they might have.

If you or anyone you know needs support:

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