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Working with older Australians can be exceptionally rewarding and offers a meaningful career path with lots of opportunities. As career counselling  wisdom shows us, an industry that offers excellent potential for career advancement, upskilling and job satisfaction, so anyone completing short aged care courses will greatly open up their prospects for work.

What Skill Is Needed To Become An Aged Care Worker? 

Look for any kind of aged care recruitment online, and you’ll see that you need to be caring (obviously), patient, considerate, respectful, empathetic, organised and dedicated. Of course, these are qualities that apply in most jobs, but they’re particularly pertinent in this kind of role.

Why Should Someone Choose A Career As An Aged Care Worker? 

Aside from the fact that the Australian aged care industry is expected to grow 5.3% in 2022 alone and continue that trend over the next five years, it’s one of the most exciting roles in the professional world. That’s far from all that this kind of work offers either, which is what we look at now, as we offer five compelling reasons to consider aged care work.

Aged Care Reason #1 - It’s Very Rewarding Work

There’s no doubt that elderly care work can be challenging, but a huge amount of job satisfaction comes with learning aged care online. You're involved in many aspects of the patient's life, working closely with them and their loved ones. It is a heartwarming job and lets you get to know many amazing people well. 

Aged Care Reason #2 - No Two Days Are the Same  

While the main focus of your care is treating ailments and ensuring your patients are in good health, you’ll also interact with them throughout the day, providing emotional support and developing relationships with them. Sometimes they’ll need a confidant or want to share stories from their past, so you’ll get lots of variety.

Aged Care Reason #3 - Flexible Hours Can Be Worked           

Another great benefit for anyone completing aged care courses  is the ability to work flexible hours. In fact, it’s pretty rare to work 9-5 in this industry, so as a professional, you get the freedom to work when it suits you and your lifestyle, rather than having to work to a strict, immutable schedule.

Aged Care Reason #4 - A Secure Job Sector

As we mentioned previously, the elderly care industry is growing fast, and it’s because the aged population in Australia is also growing fast. As such, the number of people requiring some kind of aged care in Australia is set to double by 2050, so the demand for those with the skills learnt in aged care courses online is growing rapidly, meaning it’s a very secure job sector. 

Aged Care Reason #5 - You Get to Develop Many Skills

While an element of personal hygiene tasks is involved in aged care, it’s not all about changing bedpans. There are countless positions within the industry to suit a variety of skills you gain through short courses online  and on-the-job experience. This means that the job can take you where you want it to.

Online Course Australia: Aged Care Courses- Your First Step To A Rewarding Career!

Aged care work is as varied and satisfying as any you'll find on the job market, so it's worth your consideration. This is especially the case when you see that learning the necessary skills is so easy thanks to video-based, CPD Endorsed short courses online  that can be taken at a pace that suits you.

It is also essential to recognise that different positions within the Aged Care sector may have varying educational requirements. While some roles may necessitate higher cert levels, there are also many entry-level positions or opportunities for individuals with lower-level certifications or Micro-Credentials. These positions can be a starting point for gaining practical experience and gradually advancing your career through continuous professional development.

Ultimately, conducting thorough research on the specific educational requirements of your desired Aged Care positions and understanding the expectations of different Aged Care facilities will enable you to make informed decisions about the most suitable education path. 

Our short courses are immersive and mentally stimulating, as you can see by watching our student study demo for a few moments. To find out more about what we offer at OCA, visit us today at, where you’ll see our learning comes with 1 to 1 mentoring and covers more than 20 different sectors.

Alternatively, if you have any questions for us before enrolment, just call us on 1300 611 404 or drop us an email at [email protected]. As soon as we hear from you, we’ll do our very best to reply as soon s we can.

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