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Working with older Australians can be highly rewarding and offers a meaningful career path with plenty of opportunities. This is an industry that offers great potential for career advancement, upskilling and job satisfaction. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why many Australians are looking to a career in aged care:

It's rewarding
It might be challenging but there are also huge rewards working in aged care. You're involved in so many aspects of the patients life and working closely with your patients and their loved ones on a daily basis. It is a heartwarming job and gives you the opportunity to get to know these people well. 

Every day is different
While the main focus of your care is treating ailments and ensuring your patients are in good health, you’ll also interact with patients throughout the day, providing emotional support and develop relationships with them. Often these individuals will need someone to confide in or help them, and sometimes they will simple want to share their experiences with you or tell you about stories from their past.

It's flexible
Working in aged care provides flexible working hours. It's rare to work 9-5 in this industry with the majority of work being part time. This gives you greater flexibility as opposed to working around a strict schedule. 

Secure job sector
With the number of people requiring some form of aged care set to double in Australia by the year 2050, the demand for skilled workers is increasing rapidly. 

This means, once qualified, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to gain a position within the aged care industry.

You can really use your skills
Working in aged care isn't just about changing bed pans and helping people get out of bed. There are many positions within the aged care industry to suit a variety of skills that 
you gained during your educational experience. 

If you're interested in learning more about aged care and looking to kickstart your career in aged care, check out our extensive aged care courses online.


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