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At Online Courses Australia, our focus has always been and always will be, our students. We strive to ensure our students are provided with a quality learning experience. We operate with humility and integrity and are committed to ensuring our students are treated as individuals and their rights are upheld.

Meet Your Online Course Mentors: 

Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Trainer: Meet Miranda! 

  • Bachelor of Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Food Science
  • Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Honours in Dietetics (in progress)

Hi guys, I’m one of your mentors and tutors here at Online Courses Australia.

I have been a leading personal trainer, nutritionist, coach and fitness educator for many years. I am also a qualified clinical nutritionist. I went back to university to follow my passion. I studied for my Bachelor of Nutrition at The University of the Sunshine Coast and a Bachelor of Food Science at Deakin University.

I have an extensive background working with individuals, teams and organisations in the areas of physical transformation, nutritional coaching, cognitive performance, health assessment and self-management. In all honestly, I just love helping people with health and fitness.

I founded and owned my own personal training and coaching business and have over ten years of experience within the fitness industry. I was lucky to become an experienced Australian Institute of Fitness lecturer. I share my passion with hundreds of students, teaching them to optimise their health, fitness, and physique.

My career has taken me to many places. I even worked at two prestigious 5-star health retreats in Thailand, where I continued to share my love and passion for personal transformation. I am the national nutritionist for 12 Round/UBX Fitness and a nutritional course writer for Online Courses Australia and the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. My philosophy is to share
my love and passion for health and fitness. Creating long-term, sustainable, and healthy changes in the lives of those I touch. I aim to show individuals how to create the optimum life through science-backed education, coaching, encouragement, support and planning.

I cannot wait to be there beside you, mentoring you on your journey to health. 

Animal Health & Veterinary Care: Meet Erin! 


  • Vet Nurse with 22 years in the Animal Care Industry
  • Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Emergency and Critical Care)
  • Certificate IV- Veterinary Nurse

Hello, I’m Erin, and I am very excited to support you in your learning journey with online courses in Australia.

From a young age, I've been a voice for animals, rescuing strays and caring for injured wildlife. My passion for Veterinary Nursing grew during high school, leading me to pursue a Diploma. I'm a wildlife carer for WIRES and Sydney Wildlife, caring for possums, birds, reptiles, and joeys.  

Now part of AVERT, I'm an emergency and critical care ICU nurse with experience in specialist hospitals and local practice. I've also aided street animals in Thailand. I'm dedicated to sharing the knowledge and skills gained from this journey.

Passionate about continuing education, I've set up labs and workshops promoting veterinary education globally. My mantra is lifelong learning and sharing wisdom. It's been a thrilling journey, and I'm delighted to share my expertise with you!

Salon Owner, certified lash artist, and Educator: Meet Brianna! 

Hi, students. I am the creator and mentor of your online lash extension course.

I am located in Melbourne, but virtually, I am everywhere. I kid you not when I say you can gain financial freedom when you become a certified lash artist, and I developed this course to give you just that. I have searched for who I am and where I belong from a young age. I hungered for the empowerment of being an independent businesswoman. I hustled daily to create a course that enables like-minded women to become independent, confident, sexy and empowered. I strive to have each and every one of my students be their true, authentic selves and build their lash empires with integrity and poise. In your course, you will learn how to create the most beautiful set of lash extensions, build your own business and edit your photos to give you an aesthetically pleasing social media feed. It’s not just all sunshine and rainbows; you will have struggles and want to throw your tools away and walk away about 100 times. You must be patient, though. You must understand that this is not a skill that is learned overnight. The good things in life do not come easy. You will get there. You will succeed. I am eagerly looking forward to virtually meeting you and training you. You can pick my brain as much as you need until you feel brave enough to go forward without me. We are in this together.

Animal Health & Veterinary Care: INDUSTRY MENTOR (Currently Head of Student Success) 


  • Vet Nurse with 16 years of industry experience
  • Cert IV in Veterinarian Nursing
  • Cert II in Animal Studies
  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment

I'm Hollie; I really enjoyed being your mentor and have continued working for OCA as Head of Student Success! 

For more than 16 wonderful years, I've had the privilege of being a dedicated veterinary nurse. It's not just a job; it's my passion, my purpose, and my heart's delight. Every morning, I wake up with an uncontainable enthusiasm because I get to do what I love most - caring for animals.

Animals are my world; from our four-legged furry friends to feathery companions, I have had the honour of tending to them all. I've witnessed their unique quirks, boundless love, and moments of vulnerability.

I understand that working with animals can be both challenging and rewarding. Whether it's comforting a scared pup, administering medication to a stubborn cat, or assisting during surgeries, I've been there. I understand the incredible responsibility of ensuring every animal receives the best care possible.

Throughout my career, I have taken people under my wing, mentoring work experience students who have become a cherished part of our practice. Watching these students learn and grow has been a source of immense joy, and I can't wait to extend this mentorship to you.

As your mentor, I bring to the table a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. My enthusiasm is infectious, and I'm here to inspire you to push beyond your limits. Whether you're learning about animal behaviour, mastering veterinary techniques, or exploring the pathways to becoming a veterinary nurse, I am delighted to assist you.

With my guidance, you'll learn the ropes of animal care and develop the unwavering commitment and compassion that this field demands. We can build an understanding of the secrets of animal care and cultivate the skills you need to thrive in the world of Veterinary nursing. Feel free to reach out with your questions and curiosities on the amazing world of animal care.

Animal Health & Veterinarian: INDUSTRY MENTOR (Friend of OCA) 

Hello, I’m Dr Ros; I really enjoyed being your mentor and have remained a friend of OCA. 

My own journey as a Veterinarian began when I completed my bachelor's in Vet Science at the University of Melbourne in 2008. Since then, I have worked with many talented and dedicated animal health professionals in Australia and worldwide. Further to my passion for medicine, I also love working with people, which has led to further roles in vet recruitment, training and development, and operations management for an extensive network of vet practices in Australia and New Zealand.

I hope I can assist you with my extensive knowledge!

Meet Sarah! INDUSTRY MENTOR (Friend of OCA) 

I'm Sarah; I really enjoyed being your mentor and have remained a friend of OCA. 

I live in Sydney but hail from the UK, where I initially worked in psychological services and consulting. I started my teaching career while studying for my PhD in 2015. I enjoyed the mix of research, writing and tutoring and started teaching small classes face-to-face before embarking on online tutoring for the lifelong learning sector. I am undoubtedly passionate about education and career development, and I love mentoring students to help them through their courses and their next career steps. I do career counselling sessions part-time and bring my knowledge into my tutoring role. I love to teach, and I'm passionate about seeing you excel in your courses, and I know what it's like to embark on a new course. I’ve done so many myself.

I’m super friendly- so definitely don’t be intimidated. Once you are my student, you can reach out if you need a chat to help you through your course.

Veterinarian: Meet Mark! INDUSTRY MENTOR (Friend of OCA)

I'm Dr Mark; I really enjoyed being your mentor and have remained a friend of OCA. 

I am a practising veterinarian in Melbourne, Australia. I primarily work with small companion animals and have a focus on internal medicine & surgery. Working in a relatively large animal hospital, my roles include consulting, hospital patient care and surgery. Whilst I’ve always loved animals, I decided to pursue the veterinary medicine pathway during my early days at the university. I hope that by using my background and experiences, I can support &inspire you during your animal health journey. My qualifications include:> Bachelor of Science, The University of Melbourne.> Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Melbourne. 

Once you are my student, you can reach out if you need a chat to help you through your course.

The Team At OCA Is Passionate About Adult Education:

The leadership team is at the forefront of this, ensuring that only people with the same values, beliefs and passion are employed as part of the team. Our recruitment process is primarily focused on “fit”. Open communication is encouraged and contributes to an innovative and productive environment, ensuring all students' learning outcomes are met and exceeded.

We are all about the student experience at OCA. We know that when students enrol in an online course, they can potentially feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. It’s our job to exceed their expectations and make them feel instantly comfortable and confident to embark on their study journey.” Cheryl Brookes, Founder

Online Courses is an online education provider based in Australia that provides education to a global audience. Learn more about online university courses in Australia and online today! 

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