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Considering starting your own business? It's natural to feel a little uncertain—it's a big step! But don't worry, we're here to explore entrepreneurship and show that the rewards of owning a business are within reach for anyone with passion and dedication.

What Skills Do I Need To Start a Business?

When you take an entrepreneurship or business course, one of the first things you’ll learn is the attributes that you need to be a successful business person. 

There are some pretty obvious ones, also known as soft skills - which include common sense and good business acumen. But others aren’t quite so obvious – and these are hard skills you’ll need to learn.

Here are some soft and hard skills you need to be a successful business owner:

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Time management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Networking
  • Customer service
  • Negotiation

Hard Skills 

  • Financial management
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Sales
  • Product knowledge
  • Business planning
  • Data analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Taxation and accounting
  • Legal compliance
  • Technology proficiency

Soft skills you may naturally have, while hard skills you’ll learn through a dedicated entrepreneurship or business course, like OCA’s Business Course Bundle.

In this course, you'll learn a comprehensive set of skills, including advanced business management, administration, entrepreneurship, budgeting, marketing, and customer service through valuable micro-credentials, collectively valued at over $5,000. 

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How Long Does It Take to Turn a Profit?

Starting a business takes time, usually about 3 years before it becomes profitable. While it's true that one in three new businesses in Australia doesn't make it past the first year, that shouldn't deter you. 

Instead, consider taking an entrepreneurship course to equip yourself with knowledge and avoid common pitfalls. Successful business owners are often well-prepared and informed, making it a great starting point.

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Achieve Your Startup Dreams with OCA’s Online Entrepreneurship Courses 

At Online Courses Australia, we provide various online courses in marketing, entrepreneurship, and other business areas like HR & communications

Thousands have already achieved their business goals through our training, and you could be next. 

If you have specific training requirements, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]

Or, explore our most popular course bundles.

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