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You might think that with much of the world closed down because of Covid-19, travel and tourism might be something of a dead-end when it comes to careers. However, the signs are there that we’re on our way to returning to pre-pandemic normality and with so many people having been cooped up for so long, aviation travel and tourism are likely to explode back into life in the near future.

In this article, we look at the many career possibilities within the industry and examine what life is like in tourism and travel. So let’s put our seats in the upright position and prepare for takeoff! In other words...let’s dig in.

A Wide Range Of Travel Career Possibilities

As you get to learn about tourism and hospitality courses, the list of jobs you can aim for is a very long one indeed. There are almost as many roles in the industry as there are places to visit, so it’s clearly a sector that offers much in terms of excitement and variety.

They include:

  • Airline customer service advisor
  • Cabin crew
  • Hotel management
  • Tour rep
  • Cruise ship steward
  • Travel agent

Whichever role you take, you’ll be helping others have a great time on their holiday, ensuring that their needs are met and they’re given an experience they’ll never forget. The great news is that you’ll often get to spend time in some of the most beautiful places in the world as part of your working day.

Travel Working Hours & Salary

Something else that studying a tourism and travel management course will open you up to is an annual salary of $60,000 and a varied and exciting working day. Sure, you’re likely to have to work unsociable hours from time to time, but the variety this brings is sure to mean that you’ll never find your role boring!

It would be true to say that if you prefer the standard 9-5, it’s probably not an industry for you, as tourism rarely follows the usual working day, but if variety and job satisfaction is something you enjoy, it’s certainly worth looking at.

Take a Tourism & Travel Course & Let Your Career Soar

As you can see, there’s a reason why a role in travel and tourism is so sought after and the great news is that travel and tourism courses can provide you with a way into the industry. What’s more, they can be taken at your own pace, and study can fit around your current work and family obligations.

At Online Courses Australia, we offer a range of travel and tourism courses at extremely affordable prices that can even be paid for in instalments. What this means is that a career like this is pretty much accessible to anyone with the desire and ambition to realise it.

If you’d like to know online courses qld and what makes us amongst the leading online training providers in Australia, visit us online at Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly, you can get a hold of us by calling 1300 611 404.

Ignite Your Passion In The Travel & Tourism Industry!


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Ignite Your Passion In The Travel & Tourism Industry!
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