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Despite the Covid pandemic, the position of a flight attendant is still extremely sought-after, with much competition for the role. It’s a job that requires many skills and attributes, as the challenges faced are unique in the professional world. Of course, cabin crew courses  will equip you with some of these skills. However, there are also others that will come with time and experience.

You see, while you’re in the air, you're responsible for everyone on board, so you’ll be both in demand and required to think on your feet. It takes a certain type of person to succeed, and here we look at one of the most valuable skills in the job - conflict resolution- and how a flight attendant course online  is your key to getting into the profession.

Tempers Can Often Get Frayed

As an aviation flight attendant course  will show, there are all kinds of variables at play while a plane is in the air, with many different factors influencing the way people behave. You must remember that there are typically as many as 200-250 people on board a passenger flight, meaning the chances of issues arising are relatively high - so you need to be prepared.

Passengers can become agitated for many different reasons, especially as roughly 40% of people fear flying to some level. This means that tempers can become frayed due to anxiety, feelings of claustrophobia or even something that air crew experience all the time - turbulence. For some, flying can be a terrifying experience. 

Conflicts Need to Be Managed Quickly

At some point, when taking flight attendant short courses, you will cover conflict training, as raised anxiety can lead to people rubbing each up the wrong way. This means that when anyone starts being abusive to staff or other passengers, it needs to be dealt with quickly and decisively, or it could endanger the flight itself.

Short, online courses on the subject teach us that arguments can arise because of simple disagreements, alcohol intoxication, delays or the fact that movement is restricted. Situations like this call for a calm, considered head, even in the face of verbal or physical confrontation. It's very much part of the job, but of course, you have your team and usually a sky marshal to assist you. 

As you'll learn on a cheap, affordable, online travel and tourism course, these conflicts are rarely personal unless the flight attendant chooses to make it so. Of course, cabin crew are also human beings with feelings and emotions, which is why the airline usually provides conflict training. It’s important to state that you won’t face it as often as you might think, but you must know how to act if it does. 

Want to Become a Flight Attendant? Why Not Study With OCA?

As we can see, being able to diffuse conflict is an essential skill for flight crew, but with the right attitude and training, it’s something you should be able to take in your stride. The fantastic news is that learning how to become a flight attendant is easier than ever, thanks to flight attendant course education like our Flight Attendant Career Sampler, which gives you a clearer idea of whether it’s for you.

Like every online course we offer at OCA, this is video-based and modular - something that makes learning incredibly stimulating and easy to fit around your current obligations. If you would like to know more about this or anything else, you can find what you need by visiting us today at, where you’ll also discover that our training is CPD-approved and put together with the help of top industry professionals - who know how the industry works.

Alternatively, to speak to a helpful team member about your training needs, call us on 1300 611 404 today, and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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