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Travel and tourism short courses represent the key to anyone wanting to carve out a career in the industry, mainly as it’s one that’s anticipating a big boom as the world returns to normal. This exciting sector offers much in terms of job satisfaction, especially as there are so many different parts to it - one of which is wellness tourism.

That’s what we look at here, as we provide details of a niche within the overall travel industry that’s worth more than $2.6 trillion. Take a short online course  on the subject, and you’ll discover that interest in alternative therapies and wellness techniques has gained much interest in recent years as people have become more aware of holistic health.

So, What Exactly Is Wellness Tourism?

When talking about wellness tourism, you’re describing a part of the travel industry that focuses - as the name suggests - on maintaining and/or enhancing wellbeing. There’s an awful lot in the world at present that makes people feel anxious and unwell, so it’s perhaps not unsurprising that people are looking to combat this negativity with something ultimately more uplifting. 

As you’ll find out when taking tourism short courses, wellness tourism should not be confused with medical tourism, as that’s something else entirely. At its heart, wellness holidays are all about reinvigoration and revitalisation and those taking them to aim to return feeling refreshed and much more like their old selves.

What Are Wellness Resorts Like? 

That’s a tricky question to answer, but as you can learn by taking travel and tourism courses from home, each wellness resort will offer something different. This is speciality travel, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing. Instead, each destination will have its own approach to wellness. One resort might focus on yoga, while another might provide a range of different massage therapies.

Further to that, other wellness tourism destinations may centre around physical exercise, detoxing, or meditation to refresh the mind. What you’ll also often find is that there’s a spiritual aspect to wellness holidays, with natural foods, treatments and immersion in local cultures also featured. If it’s something that enriches the soul, you’ll likely find a wellness holiday resort dedicated to it somewhere in the world.

Getting Into the Travel Industry Has Never Been Easier 

So, as we can see, this is an intriguing and fast-growing part of the travel industry, and it’s one that offers an incredible amount of career potential for anyone with the right skills and knowledge. What’s more, obtaining this knowledge is more convenient and accessible than ever before, thanks to flexible, cheap, affordable short travel courses like our Travel Tourism Career Sampler that gives you a proper taste of what to expect. 

This is just one of many available from the OCA course library, with each and everyone being CPD-approved, video-based for easy digestion and created with the help of industry experts - something you can find out all about by visiting us today at

However, if you feel like you need to speak to us directly before enrolling in any of our short tourism online courses, we’ll be happy to oblige. Simply call us on 1300 611 404, and our friendly experts will give you all the answers you require.

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