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If you ask anyone thinking of booking a hotel stay about the main features they look for when deciding which one to use, you’ll get answers like good beds, an on-site bar and a good location. You see, as customer service skills training  shows us, people don’t tend to think about customer service so much, as they consider it to be a given that all hotels should offer excellent service as standard.

This is the reason that lousy customer service in the hospitality industry is highlighted so prominently in reviews, as it’s a central part of the experience. So, if you’re struggling to provide the exceptional service you know you should be, we’re here with five tips to help you to improve things, after which we’ll tell you about customer service management courses online  from OCA that can help. 

Tip #1 - Practice Customer Service From Day One 

First impressions last, so greeting new guests with a smile and a welcome will go a long way to setting the tone for their entire stay. Non-verbal communication is also assertive, so ensure that you’re standing up and eager to please. It’s the kind of thing that gets picked up on.

Tip #2 - Refer to Hotel Customers By Their Name 

Take an advanced customer service skills course, and you'll learn that making things more personalised is a great way to ingratiate your guests. Taking the time to learn your guests' names and greeting them by saying something like “Good Morning Mr Smith” is super professional and a mark of excellent service. 

Tip #3 - Make Sure You Respond Quickly to Guest Requests

When working on your professional and personal development, it pays to focus your efforts on dealing with guest queries, complaints and requests in good time. You see, people don’t like to be ignored or not heard, and you’ll likely find that rapid complaint resolution can actually work in your favour and lead to a good review being left despite the issue.

Tip #4 - Go Above & Beyond The Call of Duty 

It goes without saying that you should try and go that extra mile, as it’s something of a cliche in the service industry. However, as we see in customer service excellence course  training, this is something that needs to be embodied in everything you do, offering help where it’s not necessarily expected and doing things for people with no apparent benefit to yourself. 

Tip #5 - Check-In Your Guests With A Smile

Part of offering excellent customer service is showing that you care, which you can demonstrate by checking in on your guests at some point during their stay with you. What’s more, if there is anything that they’re not happy with, it gives you a chance to rectify things and leave a positive feeling behind when you do. Even when there are no problems as such, guests often appreciate being asked how they are. 

Boost Your Reputation With Customer Service Skills Training  

As we can see, offering excellent service is a bit more complicated than just being polite to customers. If you're looking for a convenient way to boost your skills in this area, getting the knowledge you need has never been simpler. Thanks to customer service management courses online from OCA, like our Advanced Customer Service Skills.

Like every course you’ll find in the OCA library, this is CPD-approved, put together in conjunction with top industry experts who know precisely what's required and delivered in bite-sized video modules. This makes our training not only easy to digest but also simple to fit around your day-to-day life. To find out more, just visit us today at

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to an education support worker about signing up for an online management course, just call our friendly team on 1300 611 404, and we’ll be happy to help.

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