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Parenting is a multi-faceted job that requires an awful lot of effort to get right! One of the many things that are required for you to do a good job is support development. Literacy skills and numeracy skills are important, however, so is emotional and social development and creativity are some of the ways in which this area is helped. 

In this blog, we look into the subject a little closer, offering up 5 strong reasons why parents and teachers should do their best to introduce creativity in their learning. As we’ll discover shortly, there’s an awful lot it benefits from a child psychology standpoint, so sit back as we dig down into the topic.

Reason #1 - It’s Fun

If you can make anything fun, learning is enhanced - as the child that’s engaging in painting, music or any other kind of creative pastime typically doesn’t feel like they’re being forced to learn. Being able to freely express themselves without boundaries helps them to develop a love for learning and discovery - not to mention making them happy at the same time. 

Reason #2 - It Helps to Build Self-Confidence

When a child creates something with their own two hands, it does much for their self-confidence. What’s more, when other people react to what they’ve made in a positive way, it helps to raise their perception of how their teachers and peers feel about them and good self-esteem is another hugely positive part of child development. 

Reason #3 - It Develops Problem Solving Abilities

When creating a picture, a model or anything else, there’s always a degree of experimentation and problem-solving involved. For instance, it could be that they want to include a colour that they don’t have and they work around the problem by creating it by mixing others. Overcoming obstacles like this one is another key part of growing up. 

Reason #4 - It Develops Fine Motor Skills

As you’ll learn on any good parenting course, the development of fine motor skills in children is also vital. From learning how to hold a paintbrush or pen to understanding how to mould a material like clay, creative play provides lots of opportunities to hone their ability in this area and the earlier it’s tackled, the quicker they’ll develop it.

Reason #5 - It Teaches Focus & Concentration

Another way in which creativity helps child development is by encouraging concentration and focus on what they’re doing. Being able to put complete concentration on the task in hand - and hold it - is something that will benefit them throughout their school and work lives, so when you can instil it from a young age, it’s only going to help them get better at it.

Using a Parenting Course to Become a Better Parent

Creativity is such an important part of child development and the good news is that if you need inspiration by providing these kinds of creative experiences, you can get them with online courses like our Nurture Creativity In Children Certificate which allows you to learn as and when it suits you. If you’d like to know more about this or any of the online parenting course options available, you can visit us online at or you can give us a call on 1300 611 404 if you need any questions answered prior to enrolling.

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