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The relationships that children have while growing up shape the perspective they have of the world, and they have an influence on every part of child development. The relationships we speak of are with their peers, family members, child-care professionals and of course, their parents. They are crucial in guiding their future behaviours when they’re adults.

So, why are relationships so pivotal? Well, it’s because when kids express themselves and get a positive or negative reaction back, it teaches them the fundamentals of right and wrong. Raising children is as much about rewarding good behaviour and not responding to the bad as anything else, and when done right, a positive parenting style will teach them the social skills they need as they grow. 

Your Relationships With Others Also Matter

When growing up, your child’s ability to relate to others is every bit as important as their literacy and numeracy skills; however, it’s not only the relationships that you have with them that have an influence. The concept of leading by example also plays a vital role in your child’s development, so the interactions you have with your spouse, your friends, carers and other family members have an impact.

When you engage with others in a positive way, you can’t help but demonstrate to children around you how you should behave with others. It may take a while to influence their own behaviour, but when they see respectful behaviour and how it elicits a respectful response, it teaches them a lot about living as an adult in a civilised society. 

Parenting Relationships With Younger Children

The relationships you have with children change depending on their age, with early development and interactions being more focused on play. This is another pivotal period of a child’s life, as playing, listening, problem-solving, interacting and of course, making mistakes and learning from them are key life skills that all kids need. So, the approach you take to creating and maintaining relationships needs to evolve as they do. 

Where parents are concerned, playing with your children also silently shows them that they’re important enough to you for you to take time out to engage with them. It’s a critical part of child psychology that helps them to learn about themselves and their place in the world. 

Cost-Effective, Flexible Parenting Courses From OCA

As you can see, establishing positive relationships with children is vital for their development, and the good news is that brushing up on your relationship-building skills has never been easier. That’s because, at Online Courses Australia, we offer a range of industry-approved parenting course options that even count towards your CPD points for those looking after children professionally.

So, whether you’re a parent looking to relate better to your kids or a professional wanting to improve your relationship-building skills, we have flexible training to suit. You can find our entire range of online training courses by visiting us where you’ll also see that we offer courses covering a wide range of other industries and sectors.

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about what we offer, you can get in touch with our friendly experts on 1300 611 404, and they’ll do their utmost to give you the answers you need.


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