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Being a parent can be a daunting prospect, with so many things that need to be attended to; however, when you have a better understanding of child psychology, it gets a lot easier. In the early years of a child’s life, a parent typically spends more time with them than anyone else, so it stands to reason that they are best placed to support their learning development. 

Positive parenting is a multi-faceted ideal, but you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, as it’s a gradual, ongoing process for both the child and their parents. In fact, you can do an awful lot to help your child progress whilst away from school. 

Let’s have a look at just some of the things parents can be doing now.

  1. Reinforcing that you believe in them - is a great way to start from an early age. Parents are pretty much the god of their world when they're very young. This means that they benefit greatly from hearing this kind of regular affirmation from a young age from someone so important, resulting in a much more confident child. 
  2. Read, talk and sing with your child - as there’s nothing quite as enriching and bonding as having fun times with Mum and Dad. As any good parenting course will tell you, storytelling is a fantastic way to develop a child’s imagination, and singing releases all kinds of feel-good endorphins.
  3. Limit screen time - when raising children in the past, parents only had to limit TV time, but now there are laptops, tablets and smartphones to deal with. However, the principle remains the same, and limiting their screen time will force them to engage in more wholesome and educational pastimes.
  4. Get your extended family involved - kids often love being the centre of attention, and when you get aunts, grandparents, cousins and godparents involved, they get more attention and a more comprehensive view of the world in general if you can create your parenting plan around your extended family - even better!

This is just a very small selection of the measures that parents can take to help to support their child’s development. Couple these methods with an overall positive attitude towards learning and school, and you’ll instil the importance of learning into their minds from a very early age.

Ready To Become A Better Parent Or Educator?

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